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The secret to curing binge drinking may lie in the cheese factory

The secret to curing binge drinking may lie in the cheese factory

A gel containing milk protein could be the secret to preventing and treating alcohol poisoning.

study published This Monday in Nature nanotechnology She revealed that secret to Treat (and even prevent) excessive drinking may be in Milk.

The milk protein-based gel significantly reduced the level of alcohol in the blood of mice with alcohol poisoning.

As detailed in new worldA group of mice were given unlimited access to alcohol for 10 days, and when they took the gel, their blood alcohol levels were surprisingly much lower than the mice that did not take it.

It was also found that mice that drank alcohol daily for 10 days and took the gel during the same period had this Healthier organs Of those who did not eat anything.

Furthermore it, The members were almost indistinguishable With mice that did not drink alcohol.

This could be the beginning of a revolution in the effects of excessive alcohol consumption on people, primarily aimed at eliminating the effects of excessive alcohol consumption. Diabetes prevention.

the secret? In cheese factories

Scientists came up with the product through a combination of nanofibers made from whey protein called whey protein Beta lactoglobulinIt is a by-product of cheese production Iron particles.

As New Scientist explained, the team created a gel that mimics the structure of a working enzyme It causes the body to break down alcohol into acetic acid – Which plays an important role in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

“If we take this gel before drinking, most of the alcohol we drink turns into acetic acid. This means… The alcohol does not move into the bloodstream and we do not experience side effects“, explained the corresponding author of the study, Rafael Mezenga From ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

“I think people who suffer from alcohol addiction will benefit greatly from this therapeutic treatment,” he added, quoted by New Scientist magazine.

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