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The security situation in Sweden raises concern - sending more soldiers to Jutland

The security situation in Sweden raises concern – sending more soldiers to Jutland

The Swedish Defense Minister will show that Sweden is not naive. Late on Friday, they sent new soldiers and vehicles to Jutland.

Swedish soldiers patrol the ports and airport at Gotland in the Baltic Sea, among other places.

– Obviously, there are risks. An attack on Sweden, as we say in the Riksdag’s overall defense decision, cannot be ruled out. We have a tense situation in Europe today and that’s not good.

This is how Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist answered when asked if there was a danger of an attack from Russia on Sweden.

Hultqvist says more Interview with Radio Sweden, The situation in Europe is tense.

Soldiers patrol the streets

Swedish soldiers are now patrolling Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Hultqvist says the country that controls Gotland has a critical influence on military activity in the air and at sea.

He believes that the change in Gotland will change the entire security picture in Europe. The Swedish authorities want to show that they are adapting to the signals coming from the east.

Gotland, like Öland and Bornholm, are very strategic places. It is important for us in this situation to show that we are not naive at all and that Sweden will not be taken to bed if something happens. We think it’s important to identify and send a signal that we’re taking the situation seriously, says Hultqvist.

Russia recently sent several ships that can carry soldiers and military equipment to the Baltic Sea. Swedish fighter planes tracked from the air. About 100 Swedish soldiers are said to have traveled to Gotland, but the exact number is unknown.

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Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist of the Social Democrats.

The crisis in Ukraine is causing concern

There is unrest in Europe. 100,000 Russian soldiers will be deployed around Ukraine. This week, the United States and Russia negotiated in Geneva. The United States believes that Russia is planning covert operations that could be used to legitimize the invasion of Ukraine. Russia put forward a number of demands that must be met to avoid war.

The Swedish Defense Minister said in his Saturday interview with Swedish Radio that the demands posed an unacceptable threat. They encroach on the sovereignty of countries surrounding Russia – such as Sweden.

– They want to build a sphere of interest, in which the countries around them will not be able to make their own decisions and choices in the field of security policy, nor the practice of militarism as they want. This is a threat to the current European world order. That makes him unacceptable to all of us, says Hultqvist.

For Russia, Sweden is important first and foremost on two levels, says Ingrid Maria Obdal, associate professor in the Department of Defense Studies.

– It’s a country on the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea is a region of strategic importance to Russia. Sweden is important because it is not a member of NATO. Obdal says it is important for Russia to continue like this and not change foreign policy.