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The separation between Girona and the City Football Group?  Being in the Champions League is in danger ::

The separation between Girona and the City Football Group? Being in the Champions League is in danger ::

There are many clubs owned by City Football Group. 13, to be more precise: Bahia, Palermo, Basaksehir, Troy, Lommel SK, Mumbai city, Shenzhen FC, Torque, Yokohama Marinos, City of Melbourne, New York City FC, Manchester city that it Girona These are the logos associated with the company in question.

The truth is that this strong investment has paid off in multiple projects. Let people say Citizens. Last season, for example, Pep Guardiola's men won the Premier League, the FA Cup and the long-awaited Champions League, in a practically perfect season.

This year, in the context of Spanish football, there was a team a surprise Everything and everyone with positive and amazing football. Under Michel's leadership, Girona is currently occupied Second place From the Spanish League, and increasingly close to securing a ticket For the next edition of the Champions League.

One company, one stock

However, this ultimate existence in the millionaire test must also depend on Decisions out of scope. UEFA, the body that oversees the sport in Europe, Not allowed That two logos with the same owner participate in the same competition is something that is about to happen in theory, as a result of the distinctive positions of the Manchester team and blanquivermells In their respective league tables.

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“No club participating in the UEFA Club Competition may, directly or indirectly: (…) have any authority in the management and/or sporting activities of any other club participating in the UEFA Club Competition,” Article 5.01 of the UEFA Club Competition states. UEFA regulations. The aforementioned sports entity.

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From this standpoint, and with a desire to enter into an unprecedented participation in its history, it was established gyronistesque Need Disconnect With City Football Group. This would be a radical change, especially in light of the recent results. the gate satisfaction He also stated that this relational rupture must occur in a friendly. Is it the only option?

Red Bull Salzburg and RB Leipzig: the decision

In the 2016/17 season, Red Bull Salzburg beat their direct rival in the Austrian Championship. RB Leipzig finished second in the German League. In this way, both groups ensured access to the main stage of European football.

But as in the case mentioned previously, a company was linked to the two clubs. In this specific case, A Energy drinks company. A thorough investigation by UEFA was necessary to make a final decision on the possibility of participation.


The organization in question ended up concluding that Red Bull held out 99% of the shares are owned From Rasenballsport GmbH, a phenomenon allowed in the Bundesliga. at the end obversein Austrian territory, the company was seen, exclusively and exclusively, as Shepherd. Despite the approval, UEFA forced the clubs to make amendments.

In the official context, Red Bull Salzburg is simply called Salzburg, while RB Leipzig is called Leipzig. Remember that the right-back RB, which is in the name of the German national team, is associated with Racine BallsportAs it is prohibited in the country to combine the brand name with the name of the badge.