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The seven benefits of walking according to science

The seven benefits of walking according to science

One of the most At a reasonable price, Economical and easy Exercise is done One He walks. After all, walking is something that has always been done It does not require a specific location To practice. Recent research shows this Sitting can be more harmful To your health from smokingAccording to an article published in Harvard universityin the United States of America.

Fortunately, getting up from a chair or sofa and Go out for a walk he can It helps prevent many diseasesFrom heart disease and diabetes to… high pressureAvoids cancerIt will get better immunity And much more. according to American Council on Exercise (ACE Fitness), a respected organization that works to promote physical exercise and well-being in the United States, for walking It can be up to seven Benefits for the human body.

Check the following 7 benefits of walking according to American Council on Exercise Learn how to benefit from this activity for your health. Then put on some comfy shoes and get out there!

He walks nearby 1.5 km consumes about 100 caloriesso as The body naturally stores fatBy increasing the quantity and level Physical activity Just by walking continuously, a person actually burns calories, as he mentioned witty.

Furthermore, according to the Harvard article, Walking neutralizes the effects of genes Which promotes body weight. Researchers at Harvard University analyzed 32 genes What Strengthen obesity more than 12 thousand people To determine how much these genes actually contribute to body weight. Among the study participants who race For about One hour a dayThe effects of these genes were Reduced by half.

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for walking Motivate Increased number of mitochondriapart of the related cells breathing cell phone Which converts oxygen into energy for the body. And in this way as described in the text wittyWhen a person walks Stimulates muscle cells to produce more mitochondria Hence improvement Body oxygenation And make the body more efficient, with More energy.

like the heart It is the muscle responsible for Pumping blood to the body For its overall performance (including other muscles), One He walks Calm or moderate is a safe and effective way to Strengthening the heart.

In accordance with Article witty, for walking contribute to Make blood circulation more efficient – Carry more oxygen through the blood.

Many people have Desire to eat sweetsthe desire for it Sugar It affects many people. then Walking can help Also to improve this The “compulsion” to sweets – Especially for chocolateThis is another benefit listed in the Harvard article.

according to Two studies from University of ExeterIn England, he discovered that A Simple walk 15 minutes (Every day) Maybe Reduce the desire to chocolate And even Reduce the quantity Chocolate that a person eats in stressful situations.

The study also confirms that walking can Reducing cravings and eating From a variety of Sugary foods Generally.