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The seven numbers a captain can beat or consolidate ::

The seven numbers a captain can beat or consolidate ::

On June 11, the 16th edition of the European Football Championship begins and with it the defense of the title of Portugal, the winner of 2016. Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain and the main figure in the selection of cuinas, will play a major role in Portugal’s performance, but as he will fight to enter his name in several chapters of Contest record book.

Breaking records is normal for Cristiano Ronaldo throughout his career, but even now at the age of 36, it is an unchanging aspect for the Portuguese star, who can break five important records and combine two more that already belong to you in this. Euro 2020.

Platini shines at Euro 84 Getty Images

Let’s start with the specialty of the Juventus player: scoring goals. Throughout his career, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a total of nine goals in the final stages of the European Championship, which makes the striker share the lead in the list of players with the most goals in the competition with the Frenchman. Michel Platini Who scored all nine goals in Euro 1984The record holder for goals in a copy of the European Championship.

This means that CR7 only needs to score one goal to break through the European Finals scorers list. Besides Ronaldo, the player closest to breaking this record is the French Antoine Griezmann, which takes six goals in the final stages of the competition.

Join this legendary record that still belongs to Iranians Ali DaeiFrom more goals to serving the national teams. At the moment, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 104 goals for Portugal, which means he needs five goals to catch the Iranian and six to beat him.

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In addition to these two figures, the 36-year-old currently holds two historical figures at the European level, which could make them unprecedented in this edition. Cristiano Ronaldo is part of a limited group (17) of players to participate in four different Europeans. This means that you only need to play for one minute to be the only one to participate in five matches (2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020). Iker Casillas It is the only other name that has appeared in five different editions of the Euro, but the former Spanish goalkeeper has not played in two editions (2000 and 2016).

Ronaldo is also the only player to score in four different editions of the European Championship, so it only takes one goal to become the only player to score in five different Euros (besides Platini’s record).

However, anyone who thinks that Cristiano Ronaldo has records in terms of goals only is mistaken. Helping out, the CR7 is about to make history. At this time Czech Karel Boborsky He is the record-holder for a pass on goal at the European Championships, with six goals, with Ronaldo just one away from catching him and two away from overtaking him.

In terms of victories in the European finals, the striker is also close to making history. At the moment, Ronaldo shares this record with Andres Iniesta e Cesc Fabregas, former Spanish internationals, each with 11 final stage victories in the main European national team competition, with only one win to isolate themselves at the top.

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Cristiano Ronaldo is also the record holder for the number of matches in the European finals, with 21 matches played, so every match he plays will enhance his record even more. Schweinsteiger (18) H Buffon (17) close out the podium for this record, but Pepe and João Moutinho (15) are the two other names in the competition who are closer to hitting that number 3.

Another curiosity is that Portugal also holds the record for the most recent expulsion in European history. The same happened at Euro 2020, when Nuno Gomez saw the direct red card, due to protests, against France already in extra time, in the 117th minute. Portugal would lose this semi-final before 1 x 2, missing access to the Grand Final, played between Italy and France (2 x 1).