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The "Seven Wonders of the New Gastronomy" are already well known.  Get to know the winners - News

The “Seven Wonders of the New Gastronomy” are already well known. Get to know the winners – News

Snacks, vegetarian and vegan dishes, fish and seafood, molecular cuisine, meat and desserts were the tasting categories and competing in another election for the “Seven Wonders of Portugal”, this year’s initiative dedicated to a new gastronomy, with the motto of renewal and reinterpretation.

After the competition started a few months ago with 1,147 competing restaurants from all over the country, the jury reached out to the winners, and announced them in a live event, last Saturday, September 4, at RTP 1 and RTP Internacional. The show was presented by Catarina Furtado and Jose Carlos Malato.

In the “snacks” category, the winning dish was tapua de bolvo (Batista’s restaurant in Kamenha). In the ‘vegetarian’ category, the Algarve dish won the title, from rustic to salt, down to earth (Praia Verde Boutique Hotel, in Castro Marim). In the ‘Vegan’ category, the jury was delighted with sweet potatoes, chanterelles, oaks and tangerines (Guimarães), while the ‘Fish and Shellfish’ category saw the award given to Witches’ Octopus Tails (Bem Bo, in Mirandela).

In the “Molecular Kitchen” category, Veado in the Woods (Vila Nova de Cerveira) was the winner, in the “Meat” category the rival dish Estrela do mosteiro (Mosteiro do Leitão, in Batalha) and finally in “Doçaria”, Coininhas (Santa’s Sweets Quina, in Barreiro).

“Because we are not only the past, but we are also already the present and the future, this year’s theme has successfully brought together a series of irresistible gastronomic suggestions for all tastes, making this”The new Portuguese gastronomy“The most comprehensive edition ever,” affirms Catarina Furtado, the Seven Wonders ambassador.

For José Carlos Malato, who is also the ambassador of the Seven Wonders, “In a difficult year for this sector, we returned to the real country with the desire to show the work that Portuguese leaders invested in, despite adversity. Portugal is reinventing itself in this new future.”

The 2021 edition of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ was the first that did not reward what is already known to all. This edition sought to contribute to the revival of the restaurant sector, in a year marked by the Covid crisis, but also sought to get the best of what our chefs and creative chefs know, in the constant search for the unique and original flavors that define Portugal. We have also sought to raise awareness of the role of food in climate change and the role it plays in health, through the best choices we should all make in our daily lives.”

Since 2007, the following competitions have been held within the scope of the “Seven Wonders of the World”: “7 Wonders of Portugal” (Historical Heritage), “7 Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the World” (Historical Heritage), “7 Natural Wonders of Portugal “,” 7 Wonders Cookery “, 7 wonders – beaches of Portugal”, “7 wonders of Portugal – villages”, “7 wonders on the table”, “7 wonders of sweet Portugal”, “7 wonders of popular culture”.

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