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The singer publishes a post with Pablo Vitar and thanks his country

The singer publishes a post with Pablo Vitar and thanks his country

Since the beginning of her career, Madonna has been known for her sexual freedom in her music and performances. In Rio de Janeiro, it was no different: The Queen of Pop starred in several spicy scenes with simulated oral sex alongside Anita in “Vogue”, and even masturbated with one of her dancers.

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Gay kiss. An advocate for the LGBTQIA+ cause and considered one of the divas of this community, Madonna's show includes several moments of lesbian dalliance between members of her ballet company – men and women – including with “Material Girl” herself. The audience also practiced their freedom of love, and many same-sex kisses were seen.

Boobs on display. In one of the highlights of the show, to the sound of “Hang Up on Me,” Madonna performs a sexy dance with her dancers with their chests free. In fact, “Erotica” is another highlight, with a real abundance of bodies united by the joy and freedom to be yourself, as the singer herself says in “Express Yourself.”

Featured posts. In addition to Anita in “Vogue”, Pablo Vittar also took to the stage to perform “Musica” in harmony with the samba orchestra. The Queen of Pop's children also performed: Estri danced to “Vogue,” Mercy James played the piano, and David Banda played alongside his mother.

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