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The small Tesla car will be manufactured at a price of 25,000 euros in Berlin – Observer

The small Tesla car will be manufactured at a price of 25,000 euros in Berlin – Observer

Musk decided to share with his followers that the Model 2 or Q (or both) will be produced in Berlin and, most importantly, will have an entry price of 25,000 euros. In other words, almost 15 thousand euros less than the price of the most affordable version of the Model 3.

After starting production of the Model S, a large electric saloon (more than 5 meters long) that today offers versions with more than 1,000 hp, Tesla has launched a series of models, but it is still missing a car that would be smaller and cheaper, to help democratize the economy. Electrical technology.

Will this be the $25,000 Tesla of which 4 million will be manufactured annually?

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To fill this gap, a new model is expected to emerge, which some believe will be called Model 2 and others refer to as Model Q. But nothing prevents both of them from being right. That’s because the most recent information – coming from the brand itself – states that the North American manufacturer will follow the same strategy that the Model 3 and Y did with the smaller Tesla, to produce two cars (a saloon and an SUV or crossover) respectively. Same as base.base.

This means that Tesla is expected to come up with a hatchback with dimensions similar to those of a Golf or ID.3, if we take an electric model with the same dimensions as an example, as well as the mini Model Y, which many say they believe will have angular shapes based on the Cybertruck. . Both models should be between 4.2 and 4.4 meters long, apart from the 4.7 meters in the Models 3 and Y, as well as the 5.02 meters in the Models S and X.

Musk has always hinted that Tesla’s cheap car will be manufactured in Mexico, at a Gigafactory that is under construction, to take advantage of cheap labor, and will likely be produced in China, where the design and manufacturing are done. And also in India, when the factory is built there. Now there is evidence that Berlin will also produce the model that many see as potential Game changer.