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In 1937, the Luftwaffe, the Basque capital of Guernsey, was almost completely destroyed by a bombing by the Military-Vostosne forces, the US Air Force or the Royal Air Force?  40 thousand answers.  P.L.N. [MILIONERZY] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

The smallest correct number is 1, 5, 6, or 28? Answer for 75 thousand. P.L.N. [MILIONERZY] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

The smallest perfect number, that is, the natural number, the sum of all its correct divisors, the number 1, 5, 6, or 28? The answer to this question in “Millionaires” is worth PLN 75,000. Do you know what is going on?

The smallest perfect number, i.e. a natural number, is the sum of its correct divisors, which is the number:

The correct answer is c. The smallest correct number, Which is a natural number, the sum of all its correct divisors. The number is 6.

Millionaires. Who won one million in Poland?

“Millionaires” is a project that can beat everyone! 12 questions await participants after “First come, first served” deleted. The answers given to Hubert Urboski should be conclusive and conclusive. In case of doubt, you can use three life mats. The rules of the program seem simple, but stress does not help a sober game of adrenaline. Here, even the simplest questions seem difficult.

She knew the right answer, but she misunderstood the question … The “Millionaires” participant made a terrible mistake!

Haste has long been known as a risky advisor. One of the “millionaires” participants recently found out about it in a painful way. Mrs. Natalia had all her life, she knew the right answer, but … she misunderstood the question.

All three winners have already found it worthwhile to give luck a chance. Krzysztof Wójcik, Maria Romanek and Katarzyna Kant-Wysocka Find out what it means to have a check for a million slots in your hands! They each had their own game, controlling their emotions, assessing risks, using help, and trusting their instincts.

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On March 14, 2019, Katarsena Kant-Vysoka of Gdańsk won one million in “Millionaires”. For the third time in the show’s history, a million fell after hearing about the mystery of the rosary. Question:

Isn’t this the famous mystery of the rosary?

  • A: The Assumption of the Mother of God,
  • B: The Resurrection of Jesus,
  • C: Jesus’ death on the cross,
  • D: Sending the Holy Spirit.

Correct Answer: c.

The first millionaire in the history of the Polish version of this project was Krzysztof Wjcik In 2010. What question did he answer?

Czes Moaw Mozil is famous for which tool?

  • A: At Cornesius,
  • B: Accordion,
  • C: Djembil,
  • D: On the xylophone.

Correct Answer: b.

Eight years later, Maria Romanek asked the question for a million. Retired Polish teacher asked in March 2018:

What is 1111 times 1111 if 1 times 1 is 1 and 11 times 11 is 121?

  • P: 12 321,
  • B: 1 234 321,
  • C: 111 111 111,
  • D: 123 454 321.

The correct answer is b.

The first question won the “millionaires” participant. He used two life mats, yet failed …

“Millionaires” is a sports show that has evoked considerable emotions over the years – both among participants and spectators fighting for big money. In one of the latest episodes, one of the sacked players …