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Huawei Watch D pressão arterial smartwatch

The smart watch that will measure your blood pressure

Smart watches are gaining new features over the years. They are still dedicated tools for health and well-being, although they are still far from finding a complete solution in many core areas.

Huawei will be ready to take another important step with the new Watch D. This new proposal follows what the brand has offered, but with a unique novelty. This will be able to measure users’ blood pressure.

A new smartwatch from Huawei is coming

Not much is known about the new Huawei Watch D, but it is expected to hit the market this week. This will be another proposition of the brand for the smart watch market, where it has been increasingly present and has achieved remarkable success.

The good news about Huawei Watch D is that it will be able to measure users' blood pressure. This will be an essential addition and one that is not yet common in any smartwatch. It will complement a lot of sensors and provide important information.

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Watching D will be able to measure blood pressure

right Now a favour A little more on the Huawei Watch D, there is one detail that seems clear. The smartwatch will not use a specific sensor to make this measurement, but will resort to what is already normal and standard for this type of measurement.

Your blood pressure will be measured with an additional bracelet that contains an airbag. Since the oximeter is in operation today, this bracelet will swell and deflate during measurement, thus obtaining the associated values.

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Other specifications of this new watch

As per what has been revealed, Huawei Watch D will have 32MB of RAM and offer 4GB of storage. Also, it will be possible to connect this smartwatch with Bluetooth speakers. As for the prices, and for China, the smartwach will cost 420 euros.

This will be another significant addition from Huawei to its line of control. The specificity of the ability to measure blood pressure makes it unique and is expected to be a globally available proposal.

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