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The Sophia Arruda case encourages allegations of sexual harassment

The Sophia Arruda case encourages allegations of sexual harassment

Last week was marked by controversy sparked by Sophia Arruda’s interview with Danielle Oliveira on “High Definition” on SIC, where he said he was a victim of sexual harassment on a TV channel and that it was over. So you lose work to not give up.

“It was a less professional approach on the part of someone with a lot of power within a TV station, a production company. […] I spent five or six years without working at that station, “the actress recalls. Sophia, 32, shared her life story, and although she didn’t say names, she realized everything happened behind the scenes at TVI, which she did next. Nothing between 2012 and 2017.

Barbara Guevara, a former journalist and now psychotherapist, used Instagram to also claim that she is “the target of sexual harassment and abuse of power (blackmail), especially when working on TV as a SIC journalist.” The truth is, the topic is not new and it has already given a lot to talk about before. In Portugal, Cristina Ferreira was one of the first celebrities to refer to the attacks on her, perpetrated by a former TVI employee, in the autobiography “Sentir,” released in 2016. “The flowers indicated an apparent attempt at conquest. Kind words accused an obvious target. : He wanted to eat me, ”he denounced in the book, then launched the debate and led other media women to join the chorus of accusations.