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The Spanish League issues a statement after criticism from Florentino Perez

The Spanish League issues a statement after criticism from Florentino Perez

Real Madrid president accuses the organization of “attacking the club’s assets”; The organization, which is supervised by Javier Tebas, said in a statement that the statements “have absolutely no basis.”

The relationship between Javier Tebas and Florentino Pérez continues. After the president of Real Madrid was accused, in the Members Assembly, of “assaulting the club’s assets,” the Spanish League issued a statement saying that the manager’s statements… Meringue «no “It has no basis” and is “full of lies”

The organization’s statement said: “Multiple accusations have been brought that have seriously damaged the image and reputation of the Spanish League, not only but also its clubs, distorting the content of a selection of legal decisions.”

Later, the Spanish League addresses Florentino Pérez, explaining: “In the Spanish League, and in accordance with the provisions of its statute, decisions are legitimately adopted by the affiliated clubs whose members are elected democratically and according to the majority system through secret voting since 2014. If it is concluded that Saying: “Real Madrid is not part of any of these bodies, exclusively due to the fact that its current representatives or directors are unable to obtain the necessary support.”

The Real Madrid president also did not hesitate to criticize UEFA

In the XJavier Tebas did not waste any time and took to his personal account to criticize the Real Madrid president as well: “I listen to Florentino Pérez’s speech, and I also repeat the same thing year after year regarding young people and TV subscribers… What shows that neither he nor his management team are aware of what is happening Indeed, he adds very serious lies about the Spanish League, he lies about the increase in the president’s salary, without an increase, he lies about the transparency of the Spanish League, and he calls, he lies about the confiscation of television rights… the only thing that reflects his increasingly unbridled “messianism”, where “It’s all about what he thinks.”