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The spell has been turned on the sorcerer!  Ljubomir says he had sex with 'half of Lisbon' and now finds himself embroiled in a sex scandal - The Mag

The spell has been turned on the sorcerer! Ljubomir says he had sex with ‘half of Lisbon’ and now finds himself embroiled in a sex scandal – The Mag

Ljubomir Stanisic is known by the public for his “lack of filters” even when the topics are, for many, taboo. Controversially, the Yugoslav chef who came to revolutionize Portuguese cuisine does not leave anyone indifferent when he decides to open his heart and speak frankly about his life.

When the topic is war, his stories are chilling and test anyone’s ability to put themselves in their own skin. Close your eyes and Liobo’s testimony almost allows us to hear the noise of the bullets while realizing the fear that a child, of his age, made to grab a gun. But these aren’t the only episodes told by SIC’s face that resonate in the minds of those who follow it closely.

Whenever he sat down to have a good conversation – despite knowing it was being recorded – Lyubomir managed to leave his listeners with their mouths open. So when it comes to women and sex…there is no one to catch it.

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Shock: Sexual harassment at “Hell’s Kitchen” in Ljubomir Stanisic

Lyubomir does not hide that he is a sexual man, some were even shocked by his more private revelations. In the midst of the pandemic, he described in detail when, where, and how he had sex with his wife while the children attended online classes. But even before, he ensured that he made love to her over and over again in the kitchen, and before meeting her, it was an absolute madness.

It’s a case of saying that “the spell turned on the magician” and the chef might have “fallen the bend”. The chef is now accused of harassing contestant Candida Batista backstage at ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. He remains silent, and the other contestants guarantee they’ve never seen anything, but having his name involved in a sex scandal is no longer free. Lyubomir may have to respond in court to the Brazilian’s accusations….

Meet Candida Batista, the Playboy chef and model who’s heating up “Hell’s Kitchen”

She has sex “with half of Lisbon”

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Rebellious, outspoken and sometimes controversial, Lyubomir Stanzyk always made women fall in love with him. In 2017, he revealed, in an interview with Expresso, that he was a womanizer whose “skirt tail” hadn’t escaped. “He was a great womanizer, I missed with half of Lisbon”He says without any problem. “When I was single I had a really, really, really, really good time… I’d wake up in the morning and I didn’t even know who was in bed.”

The unforgettable return of Ljubomir to Sarajevo

This instinct led him to his first marriage to a lawyer named Susanna. “It was illegal for three or four years and she was a lawyer. One day I walked into her office, smiled and said: “Before I take care of the papers, do you want to go to lunch?” We went for lunch, we had ibis. Soon he got marriedhe remembers.

Everything changed when he met his current wife, Monica Franco. “It’s the purest love in the world. She’s the woman of my life. She wouldn’t admit it, but without her I wouldn’t be half of who I am today. She brings me so much peace. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve loved a girl. Women.”

Which is why it is not surprising that in the list of his most secret pleasures there are such things as “I cook with the biggest white truffle in Europe, and have spent several times with my wife [a jornalista Mónica Franco] In the kitchen [do 100 Maneiras] And they cooked for people like Anthony Bourdain.

Sizzling confrontations in confinement

In a full public channel, Ljubomir Stanisic has revealed the secrets of keeping the flame alive with his wife despite the difficulties of always having children at home in these days of isolation.

“It’s very frustrating,” he began by admitting on Thursday, 26th from 5 to Midnight. But to everything there is a solution and the home chef does not lack creativity by him and his wife, Monica Franco.

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“We’ve done a lot discreetly. Lucky for me the kids aren’t here, I can I tell you some secrets. It is usually always in the morning and during the day. We never wait for the night, because at night it is impossible. This is why the best things that always happen are in the morning and after lunch, because they have to go to school. [online]”, It is to explain.

Monica drama, saved by Ljubomir Stanisic

“We’ve always taught them to study with music, so when it’s time for class I go with the Mónica “check the toilet paper rolls”. Usually we arrange a date: “Love, let’s do the laundry.” She says, “Okay.” The house is not big, 80 square meters, the kids listen to music, they study at the same time, and we enjoy it.”

But it doesn’t stop there. also When children play ball. “Because we have a garden up front.”

Ljubomir also gives tips for containing sounds. “Usually it’s always with the pillow in the mouth, and the toilet paper roll used—that brown part—and it turns out pretty. Older ones take longer,” he said with a laugh.

heavy charges

Despite his always frank talk about his sexuality, Lyubomir never considered that he could be publicly accused of molesting a woman. It happened recently. Candida Batista, a former competitor of “Hell’s Kitchen”, claims to own “Disgusting what happened” During the recordings of the program, Chef Lubomir was harassing him, according to his version. “While recording the show, I faced daily harassment. Everything is happening in front of everyone and the cameras are on.”

The Brazilian contestant responded, “There were completely inappropriate lines, to the point where the participants eventually came to me saying they felt it wasn’t normal for him to talk to me like that.”

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The owner of “100 Maniras” did not comment. SIC also did not comment. Candida is now asking the chef for €40,000 in compensation and promising to move forward with a lawsuit in court.

Colleagues deny harassment

Confronted by the former colleague’s words, a few colleagues wanted to comment. However, whoever wanted it, was outraged by such statements. It was the case of Rafaela Gonçalves that confirmed without fear that “the story was quite the opposite”, “If there was harassment, it was the other way around. I didn’t see the chef do anything. In fact, even he turned away from her, I don’t know if he suspected her intentions… There were people with whom he had a lot of familiarity. Anything!”Confirms.

Ljubomir Stanisic is uncompromising in Hells Kitchen

Rafael Ribeiro met his colleague’s words. “I’ve been there for a little while, but as little as I have, I’ve never seen anything. I have hardly contacted Candida, she’s not the type to catch me or want to be around, but I’ve never seen anything.”

The rest remained silent, and according to what the Mag found, To bring them to a consensus that they will not address the matter further.

repeat history

This isn’t the first time that Candida has accused a chef of overreacting. Already in 2016, The chef from Rio also took an Austrian chief to court, accusing him of molesting her in the locker room of his restaurant. It was in an interview with the Brazilian website Ego that the former competitor of SIC’s Hell’s Kitchen denounced the episode that moved it to “saturation point”, after an alleged approach: “After a certain period of harassment, he caught me in the locker room. That was the climax, I couldn’t stand it.” pressure and denounced it.” Candida, guaranteed, was fired immediately: “I was fired when I denounced the restaurateur for sexual assault.”

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