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Christi Himmelfahrt

The Spiritual Word for the Ascension of Christ: What Is True Magnificence? | Sunday Paper

What is the true measure of true greatness? A few rulers have historically been nicknamed “The Great”: for example, Alexander the Great of ancient Greece, Charlemagne of the Frankish Empire, Frederick the Great of Prussia, or – as a single woman – Catherine the Great of Russia.

It is noteworthy that they continued to justify their reputation through military victories. Were such role models inciting the incumbent Russian president to wage a war of aggression against his neighbor? Does he probably want to go down in history as “Putin the Great”?

Boom is the opposite show

Even though some people know it: Ascension Day is the perfect antidote to these types of honors. This becomes clear when one decodes the language of biblical symbols.

On Ascension Day, Christians celebrate the highest honor a man can receive: the privilege of sitting at the right hand of God. He who does not fight against the enemy, but apologizes for them, may sit in this most honorable place: Jesus from Nazareth.

Jesus is seated at the right hand of God

The right seat is still considered a place of honor today. The groom pays homage by having the bride sit to the right of the wedding ceremony. At the banquet for the Queen or the President, the most important guest is given the right seat.

This was especially true in biblical times. In Christian metaphors it is said of Jesus Christ: “He is seated at the right hand of God”. By the usual standard of who is important in this world, it is a provocation.

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His majesty is to humble himself

Because in his lifetime Jesus had rejected all attempts to proclaim him King. Instead, he called himself a servant of the people and lived like that. He cared for all kinds of people.In the end, he even gave his life for the people.

So, his greatness is that he endured even the worst humiliation in order to help the people. This servant of man has the highest respect there. That is the message of Christ’s ascension. And the criterion for what true magnificence is.