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The Star Named EOS is coming to Nintendo Switch

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From the producers of Behind the Frame, Silver Lining Studio, the adventure The Star Named EOS is poised to arrive on Nintendo Switch (and PC), where photography is an art to solve puzzles and challenges.

Lisbon-based indie studio Silver Lining Studio is finalizing development on The Star Named EOS for the Nintendo Switch (as well as PC).

An introspective adventure whose gameplay is based on puzzles and challenges, which also features the camera as the main game tool.

The camera is used in this way to take pictures and solve puzzles and obstacles with it. The entire game encourages players to use the camera and appreciate the details of each scenario they experience.

In The Star Named EOS, players will take on the role of Dei, a young photographer obsessed with the absence of his mother who lives in an uncertain situation. However, Day's mother never left him and kept in touch with him over the years through photos and letters indicating she was somewhere.

On one occasion, Day noticed something strange and disturbing in one of the photos his mother had sent him and in that moment, he felt challenged. Then he sets out on an adventure in search of his mother, guided by an inner voice urging him to continue.

Thus, Dai will finally understand the reasons why her mother was absent all her life and be able to continue with her own life.

In this way, Dai will recall scenes and memories from his past, take photographs of these moments, and thus unravel a family mystery. And... maybe... you will also find the love that has been unfulfilled for a long time.

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Star Named EOS will be released in 2024 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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