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The Star Wars Outlaws trailer is bombing

The Star Wars Outlaws trailer is bombing

Ubisoft has finally revealed the long-awaited new trailer for Star Wars: Outlaws, as well as the official release date and details of the various digital versions available for purchase.

But right now, what's sparked the most discussion about Star Wars: Outlaws isn't the release date or the different versions of the game, but rather the negative reception the trailer received.

The new trailer for the movie Star Wars Outlaws raises a wave of criticism and dissatisfaction from many players and fans of the Star Wars saga. The video, which was posted on YouTube, was the target of a barrage of dislikes, raising questions about what could have sparked such a negative reaction.

Image credit: YouTube/Ubisoft

Speculation varies as to the reason for this discontent. Some suggest a possible saturation of the Star Wars franchise, while others wonder if the content presented in the trailer in question doesn't live up to expectations. Additionally, conspiracy theories arose about the main character's appearance, with many social media users making negative comparisons to the actress in real life, stating that Ubisoft had created the game character much uglier.

Regardless of the reasons behind the backlash, it cannot be denied that the trailer's performance in terms of acceptance left a lot to be desired. These negative comments represent a major setback for a Ubisoft project tied to one of the most expensive licenses in the industry.