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The stars are not satisfied with the return to training

The stars are not satisfied with the return to training

In recent days it has been reported Vince McMahon forced all List From WWE to train moreTo prepare for a return to the road that will take place from July 16th. The goal is for the fighters to improve their physical condition to fight in front of the crowd.

However, the second Dave Meltzer On wrestling In this week’s Observer, many fighters were not satisfied with this request by the President of the Republic WWEEspecially fighters who don’t live in Orlando, the city where the company’s performance center is located.

The journalist says that many will have to change their routines a lot and travel more frequently in order to train at the WWE Performance Center, and can simply do cardiovascular exercises from the comfort of their homes or at gyms in the cities where they live.

Additionally, Dave Meltzer notes that WWE big names are not required to train at the Performance Center, as this is described as a location optional. However, for the rest of the fighters List, it is necessary to be there. So this dual treatment causes some resentment.

As a reminder, WWE will be back on the road and performing live with fans from July 16, with a tour that will span 25 cities and run through September 6.

What do you think of this commitment made by Vince McMahon that WWE fighters should train frequently at the Performance Center?