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The start of construction of Campus Ciência XXI is official as of Friday – Science

The start of construction of Campus Ciência XXI is official as of Friday – Science

The Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and ESTAMO sign an agreement on Friday, March 22 The contract that represents the first step towards the creation of Campus Ciência XXI, Support measures for the scientific community Included in the PRR – Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Hey The main objective of the €3.7 million investment is to promote digital transformation In the fields of science and technology.

Establishing a science and technology campus, “open to society and future-oriented”, This includes, in the first phase, the rehabilitation and adaptation of two buildings on Avenida do Brasil in Lisbontransferring the FCT services currently installed on Avenida D.Carlos I to this location, where the FCT Digital Services currently operate, through its FCCN unit.

The work that will begin now will lead to “Creating spaces that are modern, functional and adaptable to the current needs of the FCT and the scientific and technological community“, FCT explains in a statement.

It highlights that this measure “contributes to a more efficient and modern public administration, increased efficiency in the provision of public services in the field of science, improved working conditions in the FCT and reduced costs in the general budget.”

Will be ” The first step of a larger project, to be promoted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, to create a broad and detailed science complexWhich in the future will integrate, according to an organic and harmonious strategy, other entities into the national science and technology system.