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The state government's task force goes to the North-West region to support municipalities in the fight against dengue

The state government's task force goes to the North-West region to support municipalities in the fight against dengue

During the days of 21, 22 and 23 February, a working team will be dispatched by the State Health Ministry (SES) to support the fight against dengue in Tenente Portela, Redentura, Federico Westfalen, Palmira das Mesis and other municipalities in the North-West region. , linked to the 2nd and 15th Regional Health Coordination Offices (CRS). The teams will hold meetings and field visits to communities over the three days.

Teniente Portela is the municipality with the highest number of dengue cases in Rio Grande do Sul in 2024. According to data from the Dengue Commission ( This Tuesday (02/20), of the 5,028 confirmed cases throughout Republika Srpska this year, 1,234 are in Tenente Portela. So far, the state has 466 municipalities where the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the mosquito that transmits dengue fever, is widespread, and there have been four deaths due to the disease.

The SES working group that will take action together with municipal governments and regional health coordinators consists of health professionals and managers from the Center for State Health Surveillance (Cevs), the Department of Primary Care and Health Policy (DAPPS) and the Department of Specialized Care. Administration (DGAE).

The schedule of teams dedicated to providing support to municipalities will develop mosquito outbreak guidance and prevention activities. Procedures for examining squares and places suitable for breeding sites among city residents will be intensified.

One of these strategies is the BRI-Aedes technique, which involves using insecticides in insect resting areas. This method is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Studies in other countries have shown that after a single application, there is a significant reduction over months in the number of cases of Aedes-transmitted diseases.

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Another focus of the work will be to strengthen guidance and training for health workers in primary care networks, outpatient clinics and hospitals on diagnosis and treatment.

Task Force Activity Schedule:

February 21 (Wednesday) – 3 pm to 5 pm – Meeting with the Directors of the Second CRS in Frederico Westfalen.
22 February (Thursday) Visits to Tenente Portela (morning) and Redentora (afternoon)
February 23 (Friday) – 8:30 am to 10:30 am – Meeting with the Directors of the 15th CRS in Palmira das Missis

Municipalities of the 15th District of the CRS:

Barra Funda, Boa Vista das Misses, Braga, Cerro Grande, Chapada, Constantina, Coronel Picaco, Dos Irmaos das Misses, Inginho Filho, Gramado dos Loureiros, Jabuticaba, Laguiado do Bugre, Miraguay, Nova Boa Vista, Novo Barreiro, Novo Xingo, Palmeira das Missões, Redentora, Ronda Alta, Rondinha, Sagrada Família, São José das Missões, São Pedro das Missões, Sarandi, Três Palmeiras and Trindade do Sul.

Municipalities of the second region:

Albister, Ametista do Sul, Barra do Guarita, Bom Progreso, Caisara, Cristal do Sul, Derupada, Erval Seco, Esperanza do Sul, Frederico Westphalen, Airay, Liberato Salzano, Novo Tiradentes, Palmitinho, Pinhal, Pinherinho do Vale, Planalto, Rodeo . Bonito, Siberian, Tacuaroso do Sul, Teniente Portela, Tiradentes do Sul, Tres Passos, Vicente Dutra, Vista Alegre and Vista Gaucha.