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The state provides 310 cold rooms for vaccine preservation in the municipalities

The state provides 310 cold rooms for vaccine preservation in the municipalities

On Tuesday (5/11), Governor Eduardo Leight and Minister of Health Arita Bergmann will present 52 of the 310 vaccination rooms to municipalities with a population of less than 100,000. They will receive 29 municipalities from the First Regional Health Coordination (CRS).

Preservation rooms, for medical and hospital use, with a capacity of 200 liters, will be handed over to mayors as of noon in the SES supply department, in Porto Alegre. The device works at temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius and works to store insulin, vaccines and other medicines.

The batch delivered is part of the purchase of 310 units by SES with resources from the Ministry of Health. In total, 194 municipalities will be contemplated and included in the Interagency Committee (CIB) decision, published in the State Official Gazette (DOE), on May 3. The Commercial International Bank consists of state and municipal managers.

“The cold rooms ensure that vaccines and other products can be safely delivered to citizens, and even more so now, we have two campaigns running simultaneously, the influenza and coronavirus campaigns. These are important assets for the rehabilitation of the municipal health structure.”, Says Ann Nantal, Coordinator of the First CRS .

The goal is to improve the cold chain for the National Immunization Program (PNI) by replacing household refrigerators with immunobiological preservation rooms. The criteria for selecting the municipalities, in addition to less than 100,000 residents, were the presence of a vaccination room and an official information system from the Ministry of Health that is being implemented to register vaccinations and deal with immunomodulatory drugs, and the absence of a cold room.

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The definition also took into account a survey conducted by the Council of Municipal Health Secretariats of Rio Grande do Sul (Cosems) through an electronic form answered by the health departments of municipalities. Initially, the purchase list was 303 units, but has ended up getting seven more pieces of equipment in recent days.

• Click here to access CIB-RS Resolution 088/21

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