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The strangest thing is the employment policy ::

The strangest thing is the employment policy ::

* Written by Pedro Pemparel Seraphim

When we mention the historical crests of Portuguese football, Pacos de Ferreira is undoubtedly part of this banned game. The famous Estádio Capital Móvel has hosted many noteworthy matches, both in the national championship and in European competitions.

It seems that fans only yesterday Basins scandalously celebrated b Lucas Silva goalagainst the famous Tottenham Hotspur. For a few days , beavers They made the most skeptical of them believe that it would be possible to overcome a formation accustomed to the highest flights.

However, in the unpredictable football machine, smiles soon give way to sighs. a failure Back on the second level, “home” isn’t particularly new. Among the discontent of those who support the team unconditionally, there is one that cannot be silenced: What are the causes of poor athletic performance?

The gust of wind that broke the foundations

You Ori Greens I entered the 2017/18 season wanting to go further than just maintenance. a Rank 13 What I got last season didn’t seem to be enough to encourage and motivate the fans who demanded more from this group of players.

Vtor Parente / Kapta +

Despite the apparent desire to do better, the club’s management seemed to be at odds with this ideal. Paços de Ferreira would end up losing their best players at no cost or at really exorbitant prices, as was the case with Gegé. In a list full of familiar faces, Matheus Silva (Nacional), Menhoca (Santa Clara) and Cicero (Arouca) are some of the names who left for other places after the expiration of the contract, thus not giving any financial benefit to the capital team from the mobile.

If there are deals that are unfavorable because of the values ​​on the table, others jeopardize the future of the teams by holding them at inappropriate times, as happened with the sale of Wilthon.

In a memorable season of his debut in Portuguese football, the Brazilian forward made a name for himself 16 occasionsin 34 games he played for Vasquino. An infamous record made him the main attacking threat for the 2017/18 season.


However, the main source of goals for the Northern Emblem would end up being him transformation to Vitória SC, in a deal carried out under an imposed termination clause of five million euros. This sale seriously held aspirations beavers.

After multiple exits, it was imperative that the acquisitions be accurate. The arrival of experienced players, such as Ruben Mikael, or the investment in promising youth on loan, as was the case with Awer Mabil, did not yield the expected results, with the team remaining far from playing attractive and effective football.

Instability was not limited to the team’s formation, as technicians’ “chair dancing” became a new problem. Vasco Siberia went to The first victim For a succession that seems to have no end in sight.

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After leading Pacos de Ferreira to stay last season, the 39-year-old was given a vote of confidence, and ended up remaining on the bench for the northern side’s bench. However, a series of poor results forced a bye on the coach, who ended up reaching an agreement with management to terminate his contract.

Catarina Morais/Kapta+

no smallno Joao HenriqueHowever, the men responsible for the boat’s possession were able to change the course of events. Defeat against Portimonense (3-1) led to drop affiliate Basins And shed light on a clear organizational crisis.

Of the many players who have played in the Capital do Móvel complex, few know the true nature of the club Andre Liao. The athlete, who currently represents SC Salgueiros, has had 183 games Contested by Paços de Ferreira, having experienced many joys in the northern crest, as well as countless sorrows.

The midfielder admitted that this was the most difficult moment of his journey with the shirt Basins. Despite all his experience, the 38-year-old footballer confirmed that the hit was very difficult, because “no one” thought it would happen.


According to Andre Liao, not all procedures are out of the field Bringing calm to the team: «As is logical, in six seasons there is hardly any disagreement or strangeness in some things. On the first visit, I didn’t find anything very strange, but when I came back, the strangest thing was the staffing policy. »

«From the players who came, stayed half a season and were not even registered, to the players who came and participated in the pre-season and returned to Brazil. He concluded by saying, “He has lost a lot of the family atmosphere that was the main feature of Pacos de Ferreira.”

The calm after the storm

After 13 seasons in the Portuguese football elite, a sustainable restructuring was required, in order to rewrite a gray chapter in the club’s history. The management of the northern emblem must be managed with tweezers to escape from the second level in the Spanish league.

Knowing that many players’ salaries were unsustainable in the new context, the first step was to reconfigure the squad. Despite the ‘avalanche’ of leaving at no cost, as happened with striker Bruno Moreira (Buriram United), goalkeeper Mario Flegiras (Anorthosis), and even captain Ricardo Silva (Famalicao), the managers knew how to overcome the situation, by Very beneficial deals.

Catarina Morais/Kapta+

In contrast to previous years, where the acquired players did not seem to have the quality necessary to suppress the matches in question, the set strategy paid off: Ricardo Ribeiro, Bruno Telles, Luis Carlos and Douglas Tanki were some of the new players, who proved themselves to be successful for a pure campaign. .

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Visual improvement in layout can be thought of using transformation By Luiz Phellipe for Sporting CP. He added that the striker was in excellent form at Capital de Moville Nine goals In just 15 games. However, the departure of the mainstay of the class Basins It has not caused a decline in production, since then Douglas Tank He took the attack stick in an excellent way.

It wasn’t just about managing players that “the shots hit the odds.” Given reality, someone takes over the technical leadership of failure It was necessary to meet certain requirements: the first related to experience in the department, the second related to evidence presented in the Portuguese panorama. Having said that, the perfect name was quite obvious.

Roger Ferreira / Kapta +

Victor Oliveira put the beavers To play attractive, vertical football, using deep attacks to create imbalances. The “King of Climbing” (again) lived up to his title, and that was guaranteed promotion affiliate Basins With four matches remaining, thanks to a home win over Academico de Viseu (2-1).

After a season full of joy, the fans once again believed in their team’s potential, dreaming of fighting for Europe or, at least, a quieter period to return to the first division.


On a path full of success, Andre Leao remembers the 2012/13 season with special affection. The midfielder was the obvious protagonist Heroic campaign failure, which culminated in his presence at the forefront of international football: «The greatest moment of my career was, without a doubt, qualifying for the Champions League, not because of the qualification itself, but because of the great group of men we have and the quality we showed on the field. A moment that lasts a lifetime.

The deadly cycle of ignorance

When it seemed that the administration had learned from the mistakes of the past, the 2019/20 season came to show great persistence over mistakes. A wide range of athletes interested in going up were waived, in really incomprehensible deals: Christian (national on loan), Wagner (keys at no cost), Sodiq Fatai (keys on loan), among others.

Octavio Passos/Getty Images

Confidence in the technician Philip Rocha He also faded in a short time, being the same Disqualified To the fourth round after four matches without adding any victory. Despite a turbulent start, the Ori Greens I managed to get around, getting to a sweaty upkeep with Peppa Already at the helm.

Winter market transfers were also crucial to achieving this modest goal. The arrivals of Adriano Castanheira (Covilhã), Marcelo (Chicago Fire), Stephen Eustáquio (Cruz Azul) and João Amaral (Lech Poznan), among others, have added depth and quality to a team that looked flabby after the last defense.


With the engine tuned, the parts are primed for a memorable year. In 2020/21, Paços de Ferreira ends up sweeping Fifth placewho dictated the return beavers on European nights, in what will be the first edition of the Conference League.

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When everything led to the belief that the sky was the limit for the northern group, the nightmare to torment fans returned. After the 2021/22 season brings with it the first warning signs (Eleventh place), the final season shot again Vasquino to the second level, in what was another debatable administrative act.

Catarina Morais/Kapta+

In preparation for another tournament, Pacos de Ferreira is fit 3.5 million euros with permanent transfer Eustace Porto club. Moreover, the beavers received more 750 thousand euros With the sale of the card Andre Ferreira for Grenada. Having said that, just with the sale of these two, the club acquired in excess of four million euros – quite a lot for the realities of Portuguese football.

With these colossal “contributions” to coffers shortcomings, everything indicates that a cake of this amount was intended to strengthen the team. Well, nothing more wrong. of the 18 acquisitions Basins I did it on the last two windows, neither of them involved in any kind of financial transaction (!)Seven players came on loan and 11 others signed at no cost.

Paolo Meneses, president of the pacenses since the 2013/2014 season Paos de Ferreira

On the reasons that led to this disappointment, Andre Leao pointed his finger in the direction: «When things go wrong, the fault always lies with those who planned the season and built the team, and the players who did not fit into what it was. expected of them,” he said.

Cesar Peixoto was one of the victims. He didn’t have a team that matched the club’s drafts, left and saw Jose Mota You go through the same pains and then have the courage to try the impossible. Despite the improvements and a very reasonable second lap, the time was no longer ripe for salvation.

When asked about renewals needed for immediate return of Ori Greens For I Liga, the player was commanding: “First, to create a base of experienced people, something I think is already being done, with the renewal of Luis Carlos, Antunes and Marafona. In addition, a coach who knows the department is needed.”

The Paços de Ferreira, headed by Paulo Meneses, is a perfect example that results are only visible with the right level of investment. In the middle of a storm, Cesar Peixoto did a great job with the tools he had at his disposal.

One thing is for sure, in a league where every million is worth gold, being “cheap” doesn’t convey miracles.