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The 'stream' of positive energy had an effect.

The ‘stream’ of positive energy had an effect.

Ruggiero Samora, who is still in hospital after suffering a heart attack, turned 62 last Thursday, October 28.

On SIC’s “Casa Velez”, the date was set and an interview was broadcast with the actor’s cousin Carlos Samora, who in addition to providing news of the artist’s health condition, as we say hereSubmit a “request” to friends and fans:

“So at 9pm I’m asking all friends and fans to raise a glass of champagne and wish health and a big hug so this ‘string’ gets to Rogério’s head hard because we need him, we’re here for support as soon as he arrives.”

And so, at the appointed time, she left many messages on social networks, and it seems that this “chain” had an effect. On Friday night, October 30, Carlos Samora used his Facebook account and gave news about his cousin’s health:

“Day 101. It seems that the ‘chain’ of positive energy has taken effect! According to the medical information, Ruggiero spent the night and day calm and without any warnings”I started writing.

He then thanked all those who joined this initiative and expressed his confidence in Rogerio Samora’s speedy recovery:

“Here I would like to express my thanks to everyone who sent congratulatory messages to Rogério (…). Special thanks to the ASFE Continuous Care Team who take care of Rogério for the initiative, and I will keep it in my heart for the rest of my life. One day until we see Rogerio’s smile.”