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The strong words that cost Jorge Costa a 17-day ban

The strong words that cost Jorge Costa a 17-day ban

The coach of Avis Sade, third in the second division, was suspended for 17 days and fined 1,000 euros after threatening the refereeing staff in a Benfica B match last weekend.

As stated in the report of referee David Rafael Silva, “The coach became emotional and repeated several times in a loud and threatening tone: ‘You are a coward, you are a son of a bitch, you are a *****.’” ** *»»

“After that, he put the scarf in front of his mouth and leaned on me and his colleagues grabbed him, and repeated several times, ‘Be sure that I will catch you, I will tear you apart even if you do.’ This is the last thing I do in my life, and if you lie in the report, you are messing with me.” As he passed the fourth official, Mr Jorge Paulo Costa Almeida told him: “Tell the referee he can choose where he wants to be, and I will blow his ass,” the document states.

The report stated that this dispute arose after Jorge Costa was sent off, after he said to the referee, in an exchange of arguments over part of the match, “I don’t want to talk inside, you are too nervous, you are too nervous.” “We must be sad about the result.”

On Wednesday, four days later, Jorge Costa claimed that those last words were not grounds for expulsion, saying: “He did not accuse Mr. David Rafael Silva, he only gave his opinion.”

In addition to the penalties already mentioned, the expulsion, initially, also cost Jorge Costa a one-match ban and a fine of 600 euros.

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