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The student who discovers asteroids and creates educational projects

The student who discovers asteroids and creates educational projects

Matthews Manenti 4 minutes
Brazilian student who discovers asteroids and creates educational projects
At just 16 years old, student Camila Cristina de Queiroz Mendes has already discovered asteroids for NASA and created award-winning educational projects. (Image: Profile / Disclosure)

to me age 12, requester Camila Cristina de Queiroz Mendes face common problem Among young people of the same age – young love. At that time, Camila had several treatments that did not produce any results. From here the story changes and becomes Completely different.

Camila started studying chemistry produces private ways of treatment. Searching for knowledge gave resultsBoth in appearance and in knowledge: while studying, the young woman discovered astrochemistry, the branch of science that deals with The chemical evolution of the universe. It was the gateway to falling in love with the universe.

Educational projects and asteroid discovery

After that, Camila did not stop developing. started studying astronomy, run out sky notes even giving Lyrics in your school. He also started participating in competitions and won Gold medal for two consecutive years employment Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad and development of social impact projects.

It turns out she was venturing into all this knowledge, Camilla noticed how did you find it It’s hard to get chances In the inner area where he lived. Her desire to change this situation led her to be a co-founder of two educational initiatives granted Take part in the Olympics.

It’s about the project tech m, medalist in Brazilian Technology Olympiad, which aims to encourage students to participate in the Scientific Olympics through the application; he is from Scientists, granted no Change the world like a girl, which encourages holding meetings for girls interested in starting a scientific career, Enlargement of the female voice in the area.

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In addition, Camila joined the group in the space, through which he led Lyrics Participate in courses aimed at astronomy NS space exploration. Within the group, the young woman participated in the program asteroid hunting, a partnership between NASA it’s the MCTI, which was able to detect Two previously unknown asteroids, between Mars and Jupiter.

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And that’s just the beginning – in the coming years, Camila aims to win More medalsStudying in schools and colleges more developed And still take it More education For students from locations that have few or no opportunities. Moreover, he still dreams of working in Brazilian space agencyand help in Advances in science and technology Brazil.

At a young age and with a lot of interest, Camila has already started joining the Brazilian Innovators Team He should help change the country. These young people help nurture hopefull That, out of this disastrous period where an anti-science cult is the law, our country still has promising bright future Before.