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The study says that not eating meat can cause more episodes of depression

The study says that not eating meat can cause more episodes of depression

Scientists have linked eating a vegetarian or vegan diet to twice the number of depressive episodes compared to carnivores

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According to a study to be published in the January 2023 issue of the Scientific Journal Journal of Affective DisordersPeople who do not eat Meatas such vegetarians And the vegetariansyou might have two more depressive episodes of carnivores.

There are many reasons why people choose to maintain a diet free of animal protein, including ethical considerations, concern for the environment, religious beliefs, and health benefits.

The current survey analyzed 14,216 Brazilians, ages 35 to 74, who spoke about food frequency, especially if they ate Meat, through a questionnaire. Possible episodes of depression Measured by a diagnostic tool called Revised clinical interview schedule (CIS-R).

According to the US website Health lineAfter analyzing the data, the scientists found that meat-free diets were associated with twice the frequency of depressive episodes. In addition, this relationship was present even when factors such as socioeconomic status, lifestyle, smoking, alcohol intake, physical activity levels, and BMI (BMI).

However, researchers cannot determine what could trigger the problem in vegetarians.

Why lack of meat causes depression?

The authors stated that they adjusted for factors such as protein and micronutrient intake and concluded that, though, “nutrient deficiencies do not explain this association.”

In a conversation with Healthline, a spokeswoman for American Academy of Nutrition and DieteticsMonique Richard says that meatless diets can be linked to depression for several reasons, one of which is nutritional deficiency.

“When an individual completely excludes a food group, in this case, sources of protein and fat, and does not replace nutritionally appropriate choices, this will affect a variety of systemic and physiological functions, such as cognitive health,” the expert comments, noting that it is important Dig into the eating patterns of these individuals to find out the real reason.

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“If a person does not have enough nutrients such as vitamin B12 and Omega 3 fatty acidsCertain enzymes and proteins can be compromised, altering certain pathways in the body. This can affect mood, anxiety, memory, perceived stress, sleep, etc.”

For example, you cite the amino acid tryptophanIt is necessary for the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter linked to mood disorders, including depression.

The spokeswoman revealed that tryptophan is found in meat, as well as oats, nuts and seeds. But it is important for people to know which foods are rich in these nutrients and to consume them consciously.