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The study shows that the night mode of cell phones does not help us sleep

The study shows that the night mode of cell phones does not help us sleep

A new study concluded that the night mode available in the vast majority of smartphones has no effect on our sleep quality.

Anyone familiar with smartphones knows that almost all of these devices have been available for some time. Night mode option (Or Dark Mode), which changes the cool blue screen to a more warm yellow.

In addition to reducing mobile phone power consumption, one of the main goals of this option is to improve the sleep quality of the users. But does it really work? The answer is no, according to a new study.

According to the location IFLScienceUnlike other investigations, this new research indicates that the night mode, in fact, Very little effect In the quality of our sleep.

To reach this conclusion, researchers at Brigham Young University and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in the United States asked 167 undergraduates to spend at least eight hours in bed while using an accelerometer on their wrist to monitor their sleep.

The team split up Participants are in two groupsFor those who slept, on average, about seven hours a night (close to the recommended amount) and those who slept less than six hours.

Volunteers were also randomly assigned, for seven consecutive nights, to fulfill one of the following conditions, one hour before bedtime: Night Shift on an active iPhone, Night Shift disabled or no use of the phone.

For those who slept about seven hours, there was little improvement in sleep quality If they don’t use the phone Before bed, compared to those who usually use the phone, even with the night mode activated.

In people who slept about six hours, there was no difference in sleep quality based on whether or not they used Night Shift.

This indicates that when we are very tired, we fall asleep, regardless of what we did before bed. He explained that the sleep pressure is so high that there is no real effect of what happens before bed ReleaseChad Jensen, a professor at American University and one of the authors of the study published April 16 in the scientific journal. Sleep health.

In other words, if you really want to get a A good night’s sleepIt’s not a bad idea to stop using your smartphone a few hours before bed.

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