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The SU7 broke down after 39 km and Xiaomi's distribution center was unable to resolve the issue

The SU7 broke down after 39 km and Xiaomi's distribution center was unable to resolve the issue

Xiaomi has taken a risk in the automotive market, and for a few weeks now, its first model has been proving itself on the roads. Now, one of the owners has shared a video, revealing that the car broke down after only 39 km.

On May 6, the owner of a Xiaomi SU7 posted a video on social media saying that his car broke down while traveling at high speed, shortly after leaving the distribution center. The crash occurred after 39 kilometers of travel.

The car's owner, named Wen, was one of the first buyers of the Xiaomi SU7, having been waiting for it for more than a month - the Xiaomi SU7 was launched on March 28, the opening date of sales.

The owner received his car at Xiaomi Auto's Xiamen Xing'an distribution center, in Fujian province, sometime on May 4. When the accident occurred on May 5, Wen said the vehicle had to be towed back to the distribution center.

Xiaomi SU7 collapses after 39 kilometers

The video shows a SU7 parked on the side of the road with its hazard lights flashing. Inside, the infotainment panel says, in free translation, “The vehicle is about to stop, please stop safely and call the online help center.” The message later changed to something like "The traction system is down and cannot be moved", in a free translation.

Distribution center Xiaomi On May 7, Xianghan confirmed that he had received Wen's complaint and had been unable to resolve the issue. According to the press, it cannot be repaired, and must be sent to the factory for analysis, to find out the cause of the accident, before it can be repaired.

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After the accident, Wen asked for a new car instead of a refund, but that was not guaranteed because the cars in production already had designated owners. Xiaomi customer service is said to be negotiating a refund, along with compensation for expenses.

As CarNewsChina reported, this is not the first incident involving the Xiaomi SU7 that shows quality issues.