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The Super Bowl celebration ended in tragedy

The Super Bowl celebration ended in tragedy

Kansas City was supposed to celebrate its sports heroes on Wednesday after winning the Super Bowl. Instead, blood flowed in the city's streets. – It creates deep wounds in people's souls, as Joe Biden says.

Three people have been arrested after a shooting in Kansas City.

Hundreds of thousands of residents are expected to participate in Wednesday's celebration. At the end of the event, the shooting occurred near Union Station.

In a press conference late Wednesday evening, Norwegian time, the city's police chief confirmed that one person had been killed after the shooting incident.

21 wounded. 15 of those injured will be seriously injured. Police said that among the injured were nine children between the ages of 6 and 15 years.

“I am angry about what happened today,” Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves told the press.

Local media reported that the confirmed death was Lisa Lopez Galvan, a mother of two children.

I worked at a local radio station. On Thursday, they confirmed that their employee lost his life during the parade.

– It is with deep sadness and a broken heart that we can announce today that KKFI DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan has lost her life, the channel wrote on Facebook.

Lisa Lopez Galvan, a mother of two, lost her life during the mass shooting on Wednesday evening.

Lisa Lopez Galvan, a mother of two, lost her life during the mass shooting on Wednesday evening.

Three people were arrested

The shooting is said to have occurred on the west side of Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States. John O'Connor was at the show when he heard the gunfire.

– It looked like fireworks. They came at a high speed, very fast shots. He told the local newspaper: I would say 15-20 in a very short time Kansas City Star.

Three gunmen were arrested a short time later. At least one of them was initially tackled by civilians who saw him running.

Paul Contreras of Ohama, Nebraska, was one of those who took action. He heard someone shouting, “Stop him.”

– I didn't think about that. It was just a reaction. I didn't hesitate, I just did it, says one local resident TV channel In Omaha.

No other information is yet available about the people who were arrested.

– We are early in the investigation, the police chief said at the press conference.

Biden: Wounds in the souls of the people

President Joe Biden believes nothing unites the country more than the Super Bowl. He said in a statement that the victory gives fans a unique joy.

When that joy turns into tragedy in Kansas City, it creates deep wounds in the American soul, Biden says.

It asks people to demand that Congress take action against so-called assault weapons and extra-large magazines and strengthen checks on gun buyers.

Missouri has a liberal gun policy. Anyone can carry a gun — openly or concealed — if they want to. However, Kansas City has slightly stricter rules. You must have a permit there if you want to go with an unconcealed weapon. There are also some other restrictions in the city.

The mayor ran

Video footage shows chaotic scenes outside the station as police officers stormed the building while people celebrating the Super Bowl win sought shelter.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas himself joined the celebration and had to run when the shooting started.

– I think all of us parents, who are just ordinary people living ordinary lives, have to decide what to do. Parades, meetings, schools and cinemas. He says it feels like almost no place is safe.

According to the mayor, there were more than 800 police officers in the area when the shooting began.

A police officer at the scene of a shooting in Kansas City on Wednesday.

A police officer at the scene of a shooting in Kansas City on Wednesday.

Players want stricter gun laws

Patrick Mahomes, the biggest star of the Kansas Chiefs, signs X He “prays for Kansas City.”

Another player, Charles Omeniho, lamented that the celebration ended in tragedy.

– When will we reform gun laws? He wondered how many more people would have to die before we could say enough was enough X.

He believes it is too easy for the wrong people to get guns in the United States.

– This is a fact, he thinks.

The Kansas City Chiefs won 25-22 in overtime over the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL Finals on Monday night, Norwegian time. They thus became Super Bowl champions for the second year in a row and the third time in five years.

This was the way to a victory parade.

This was the way to a victory parade.

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