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Suposta imagem de GTA 6 é encontrada; Confira os fortes indícios! 1

The supposed GTA 6 image has been found; Check out the solid evidence!

Grand Theft Auto VI or only known to GTA 6 It is a great mystery between lovers rock gamesHowever, the producer seems to have left a big clue in its last game.

Now a very suspicious image draws attention in GTA Trilogy Remaster. You can check our partner’s video Suninplay, where it does a detailed analysis and even shows evidence that this image could be from GTA 6.

Check it out on YouTube: GTA 6: First possible game image and new paths found in the GTA trilogy! – I know everything!

despite of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Ultimate Edition Since it is not received in the best way, this game seems to have many guides for the following games from rock gamesAfter all, the producer is known for doing exactly that in almost all of their games.

In all the games, clues, trivia and even images showing off new Rockstar Games releases, we have examples in Grand Theft Auto 3And GTA 4And Max Payne 3 NS GTA 5, who always showed something about upcoming games.

GTA 6 | Fans find the supposed new game image in GTA Trilogy

The GTA 6 image is supposed to be in GTA Trilogy Remaster.

The picture that attracts attention in Lil ‘Probe’Inn in a San Andreas Show some pictures Unidentified flying objects And a new screenshot shows a location that’s never been seen before.

Similarly, the unknown image shows a house with a UFO In the upper right corner, however, this place does not appear in any game of rock games, which sparked speculation among the masses.

Briefly, GTA 6 It hasn’t been made official before rock games But expected to suffice to PlayStation 5And Xbox S / X NS Windows computer.

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