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The Swedish brand celebrates the 97th anniversary of the launch of the first car with a special hatch.  See photos – Executive Summary

The Swedish brand celebrates the 97th anniversary of the launch of the first car with a special hatch. See photos – Executive Summary

This Sunday, one of the most anticipated projects of the year will open to the public, Volvo World, a unique experience center located in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden. This date also aims to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the brand's history, which launched its first car on April 14, 1927 and began an unforgettable journey in the automotive industry.

Designed by Henning Larsen Architects with a vision to create a building based on the history of the landscape, this five-storey, 22,000 square meter building is designed around the Swedish concept of “allemansrätten”, which translates into the fundamental right to share nature by all citizens. Scandinavian and surrounding nature.

The result is an impressive structure, made entirely of wood, that resembles a giant tree surrounded by large glass windows. A landmark for everyone visiting the city and an unmissable meeting point for residents.

Some numbers – 2.8 tons of wood from southern Europe and Sweden, 2,300 wooden beams and 2,700 CLT (cross-laminated timber) panels make up Volvo's new world.

Designed to be a 'platform' that brings together people and ideas, Volvo World has free entry, two restaurants and a range of diverse, large and dynamic spaces designed to host a wide range of events such as exhibitions, concerts, conferences, gastronomic experiences and other events.

It all revolves around a permanent exhibition of over 4,500 square meters that challenges visitors to embark on a journey through Volvo's history, from the past to the future. Iconic vehicles, life stories and extraordinary interactive experiences are the attractions of this exhibition centered around people and their vision of a better future.

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“In addition to our exhibitions, entry to Volvo World will be free. The building and the surrounding park will be open to everyone. Our goal is to create a place where city residents can meet and where students can study in a fun environment. We believe it will be a unique arena that will help elevate the entire city of Gothenburg.” “We are very proud of this initiative,” said Magnus Rahmi, CEO of World of Volvo.

Volvo World also includes two restaurants with menus designed by award-winning Chef Stefan Carlsson and a gastronomic concept by Götaplatsgruppen, the renowned Swedish restaurateur responsible for highlighting Volvo's commitment to quality, sustainability, and the selection of local and seasonal ingredients. Ceno Brasserie is a restaurant open to the public, while Ceno On Top is intended for conference guests and large groups.

“It is a very special moment for us with the opening of Volvo World. We are looking forward to seeing the encounters that will take place between our visitors and the different parts of the exhibition. We hope and believe that this – the meeting between people, technology and creativity – is truly out of the ordinary.”

This project is a joint venture between Volvo Cars and Volvo Group, creating a unique space with different types of use, in the heart of the city where the brand started.