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The Swiss are buying small hydroelectric plants in Portugal

The Swiss are buying small hydroelectric plants in Portugal

The operation was closed for 60 million.

The Swiss are buying small hydroelectric plants in Portugal. Swiss fund White Summit Capital continues to strengthen its portfolio in Portugal and has closed a €60 million transaction.

Now, it has purchased from the French company Mirova (which belongs to Natixis) a group of four small hydroelectric stations in northern Portugal with a capacity of 33 MW: Pereira, Canedo, Texo and Vilar do Monte.

The purchase was made through renewable energy platform Rainergy, with support from IST3 Investment, an institution that invests money from Swiss pension funds, and Swiss private bank Reichmuth & Co, El Economista revealed today.

Spanish asset manager AltamarCAM Partners is also a shareholder in the company.

The portfolio has a strong operating track record in a region with some of the highest rainfall levels in Europe.

One of the greatest attractions of the portfolio is the possibility of implementing hybridization: adding solar PV and storage systems.

At the end of 2021, Rainergy had already purchased a portfolio of 25 small hydroelectric plants in Portugal and Spain.

In this way, Rainergy now controls 11 small hydroelectric stations in Portugal, including those previously purchased: Pedro do Sul, Ermida, Ruaes, Villaviciosa, Aguas Frías, Paredes and Carrega.

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