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The Switch Pro was real but has been cancelled, Digital Foundry claims

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the pro switch It was released not so long ago as a mid-range upgrade to the current Switch console, which was released in 2017.

Reports indicated that Nintendo was planning to release a more powerful variant with an improved display, but although many sources seem to back it up – including developers who were apparently told – the Switch Pro was not imminent and a version appears to be forthcoming. on my way. OLED to indicate that another device update won’t be on the way for some time.

Now, the gang behind Digital Foundry claims the system was in Nintendo’s plans at one point, but was eventually scrapped. As of now, there are no plans for a more powerful Switch version before its successor arrives.

This rumor has been confirmed to Digital Foundry by more than one unnamed developer.

As for Nintendo’s next console, Digital Foundry says we shouldn’t expect to see it next year.

Digital Foundry also speculates that Nintendo is “worried” about switching from Switch to its next system. It’s a reasonable assumption considering Nintendo went from booming (with the Wii) to busting (with the Wii U) and back again with the Switch, but one would think the company would be wise enough to stick with the hybrid approach given it’s proven to work and that’s pretty much where it’s at. . But who knows?

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