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The system helps classify dengue patients

The system helps classify dengue patients

The Federal District Health Department (SES-DF), through the Special Coordination of Health Information Technology (Ctinf) and the Coordination of Primary Health Care (Coaps), has developed a dengue staging system. The program, known as Stadiometer, aims to help and facilitate the classification of patients suspected of being infected with the disease, in addition to displaying the clinical management specified by the Ministry of Health.

Staging software provides teams with greater security when making decisions Photo: Lucio Bernardo Junior/Brasilia Agency

Staging is the classification of the different stages or phases of dengue fever, a viral infection transmitted by the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. This step is essential for clinical diagnosis and management of the disease, as it helps healthcare professionals understand the severity of the infection and determine the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

According to Primary Health Care Coordinator, Sandra France, the program provides teams with greater security when making decisions. “The system allows rapid recognition of the degree of the disease, leading to more effective treatment. As the stages are identified, assistance becomes safer and more efficient, speeding up the decision-making process and improving the quality of care provided to users.”

The system is available to all primary care and point-of-care professionals that form part of the Emergency and Emergency (RUE) network. To access, simply click In this link.

*With information from the Federal District Health Department (SES-DF)

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