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The Taliban will declare the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan - VG

The Taliban will declare the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – VG

On the way to Kabul: Taliban fighters went to Kabul on Sunday. Photo: JIM HUYLEBROEK / NYTNS

The Taliban will soon declare the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from the presidential palace in Kabul, the Associated Press reported.


That was the name the country carried under Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001. The agency cites a source in the militant group. The group said it expected a full transfer of power.

The Taliban said early Sunday that they would not enter Kabul, pending the negotiation of its capture. But a few hours later, the counter message came that they would enter the city to prevent looting and lawlessness after the police and authorities had left the city.

Taliban delegation I entered the presidential palace on Sunday In Kabul, shortly after President Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan.

Take power: Taliban soldiers raise the flag at the governor’s residence in Ghazni Province, southeastern Afghanistan. Photo: Gulabuddin Amiri / AP

Two representatives of the organization said that there will be no transitional government in the country. The Taliban now controls almost the entire country.

Several countries withdrew their diplomats from Afghanistan, and the United States ensured security at Kabul airport. Norway Now working hard For diplomats and staff of the Norwegian Embassy.

Sunday has come More messages about photography in the capital. Among other things at the airport, where the field hospital with Norwegian soldiers is located.

He must have negotiated with the government

Earlier Sunday, negotiations were underway between the government and a number of Taliban envoys at the presidential palace. At the same time, the talks are said to have taken place in Doha, Qatar, where peace talks were recently held.

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Then Reuters reported that a delegation from the Afghan government is scheduled to go to Qatar to meet with Taliban representatives.

A spokesman for the movement, according to Reuters, said that the Taliban ordered the soldiers shortly after 4 pm to enter Kabul to prevent looting after the local police left the city.

According to the Ministry of Interior, eyewitnesses immediately spotted shooting in several parts of Kabul, according to the Taliban message.

Women’s rights will be protected

A Taliban spokesman said, according to Reuters, that foreigners will be forced to leave the country in the next few days. If they do not leave, they will have to register in offices set up by the Taliban. At the same time, the insurgents are asking Afghan citizens to remain calm and not to flee the country.

The Taliban have clear plans for what life will be like for the Afghan people after taking power. Many fear, among other things, the rights of women under the organization’s management.

in a BBC statement The Taliban pledge to protect women’s rights, despite reports from areas that fell to the Taliban about the opposite. A Taliban spokesperson claims girls who wear the headscarf will be allowed to go to school and study, and leave the house without a male relative.

– We are concerned about the human rights situation in the country, especially with regard to the situation of girls and women in Afghanistan. We will continue our work with parties that promote democracy and human rights in the country, Foreign Minister In Eriksen Soered said on Sunday evening.

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Sored says it is necessary to ensure a non-violent transition of power, which can ensure stability.