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The tariff that includes free and unlimited calls

The tariff that includes free and unlimited calls

Have you ever heard of the NOS Kids tariff? As the name suggests, it is a tariff for the youngest children, which was launched in 2018. This tariff quickly became a favorite of NOS families, as it was designed and adapted to the needs of the youngest and their parents, always with the guarantee of NOS the security of the secure network.

This tariff has now undergone some changes. Know what has changed.

NOS Kids with free and unlimited calls to 20 numbers

The new NOS Kids includes free and unlimited calls, ranging from 10 to 20 numbers; 2 GB of Internet to browse any application; 5 GB network for accessing YouTube and TikTok and 25 GB for browsing the NOS Kids app - this option is exclusive to the tariff included in NOS packages.

According to information sent to Pplware, NOS states that security will continue to be guaranteed, either by a communication limit for contacts set by parents (up to 20 contacts in connections made and received), or through the free license of the NOS Safe Net app, a solution that blocks content It protects unwanted websites and equipment from viruses, and ensures the safety of children when using the Internet.

The prepaid (per increment) version of the tariff complements the range of NOS tariffs for this segment, allowing any family to subscribe to the service regardless of their preference in terms of the method of payment: built into the bill of the NOS package or by shipments.

the we kids The offer includes two monthly fees, in the prepaid and integrated versions, for a monthly fee of just 7.49 € from the third month of using the service, without obligations.

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