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"The team is capable of doing great things" ... Bruno Genicio no longer hides his ambition

“The team is capable of doing great things” … Bruno Genicio no longer hides his ambition

They hide spirits. After a correction to Lyon (4-1) at Rosen Park on November 7, Rennes again played in their impressive joint game against Montpellier (2-0) and temporarily climbed to second place in the eleventh unbeaten standings. .

Against his former club, OL, Martin Terrier did not attend his team’s attacking festival. The striker made up for it on Saturday night with a header (8th). Bretton’s second goal was a collective masterpiece that included half the team and was headed in by Cayden LaBorte, followed by a win over Lovro Major (28th). He scored his first goal with the young Croatian newcomer State Rennes, who had already shone against Lyon.

The Rennes evening may even have ended in apotheosis, but with the acrobatic recovery (87th) the post lost to Labour that could have been one of the best goals of the season.

“This is a confirmation”

“After the match against Lyon, it was a confirmation that it shows that the team is maturing and that it has the potential to do great things. State Renaissance coach Bruno Genicio is delighted.

However on Saturday it lost two of its mopeds (Suleimana and Toku), so the Breton attack made the dust talk again. But PSG’s new runner-up coach, Ambition, is demanding though. “In 11 runs against 10, it is not normal for us not to score at least one extra goal (). I wanted us to be more murderous and just. The best teams are the ones who leave nothing to the opponent. In the last two games, we have shot more than 50 times and scored six goals. We have to be very efficient and aggressive before the goal. We will not always have many opportunities. “

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