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"The teeth are all yellow, and they are all pigs..."

“The teeth are all yellow, and they are all pigs…”

During this Wednesday, October 27, Joanne received a special assignment to be the statue of the house. As such, the rider must be isolated and not moving. However, the store owner ended up being destabilized by Ricciardo several times.

One of them, who sparked controversy on social media, put his fingers and the leg of his glasses inside the contestant’s mouth: “Are these clean teeth? No! These teeth do not wash of course!He said.

I have to do what I do with my kids which is “Go brush your teeth right away!” They’re all yellow, they’re all pigs, and they’re all full of crap. Look at this, all those crap teeth, look at this crap, that’s a shame girl Joanna. Don’t brush your teeth? […] brush walnut teeth“, Shot.

As a result of the match, Joanna broke down in tears and was relieved by Rui Pinheiro and Rita. Before that, the shopkeeper had already protested to Ricciardo: “It pulls the rope!

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