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The term is the new internet fever.  It is the Portuguese version of the word game Wordle

The term is the new internet fever. It is the Portuguese version of the word game Wordle

It’s one of those things that we don’t really know what causes it, but it suddenly goes viral for a reason. How many of us do not receive today via TwitterAnd The WhatsApp, or any other network that contains a message something like this:

You have played #15 3/6 *


The first two left the idea that it was an algorithm for figuring out who would vote in the next election. However, the message “You played” made me curious. The following numbers are the number of attempts by which we were able to get the correct word. I will explain.

For those who like, like me, saw this and didn’t care at all at first, we’re talking about it condition, a play on words that are actually the Portuguese version of Word. If you haven’t played it yet and want to try it, you can do so at term

The game consists of hitting the correct word, in a kind of hangman game with Mastermind Where we know, by chance, which letters are correct, which are well placed and which are not part of the word.

There are colors to explain this whole thing very simple. In the example above, I got it right on the third try, hence 3/6, where six is ​​the maximum number of times we can try to get it right.

When we get it right, we can share and wait for a new word to get it right. It’s all free, and it’s expected to continue to be popular in the near future for being fast and simple.

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To better understand where this comes from, it was Josh Wardle The inventor of this form of wordplay, which is called Word. The Brit who lives in the US and who worked for Reddit would have made this puzzle for his friend, in order to play together. Little did he know that after some time, players from other regions would participate in the outcome of the game, and that everything would go viral.

In these circumstances, the Portuguese version appears by the Brazilian Fernando Serpuccini, an engineer working with Google. By creating a Portuguese vocabulary, Fernando developed the rest of the Portuguese word game for free. It’s worth remembering that you can’t invent words just to see if they fit. Although I still try some weird stuff like I did in scrabbleAnother word game, but it’s a board game.

I don’t know how long this addiction will last, but it sure is indeed one of the phenomena of 2022.

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