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The three signs that will have the best 2022 - current

The three signs that will have the best 2022 – current

Although the future is not certain for anyone, the stars do carry some good news for some signs, in 2022. After we broke the worst news – The three signs that will have a less positive year – It’s time to announce something better.

Overall, 2022 is marked by intense cosmic alignment (with many retro planets, eclipses, and squares), but it’s almost guaranteed that Virgo, Crab and Pisces Excellent year.

Let’s start precisely with fish. The stars line up in favor of this sign, expecting it to have a year of good vibrations (“the year of flow” according to Caster Zodiac Style Expert Briana Lilly). “2022 will reduce your frustration, leaving you with more space to be productive in your social, emotional, spiritual and professional aspects. You will also benefit from the influence of two major planets, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the flow of life.”

Jupiter will have good influences, from 2021 until May 10, and from October 28 until December 20, giving him luck and strength at the beginning and end of the year. “You may also expect continued improvement in your intuition, thanks to your dear friend, Neptune.” The expert advises that because this sign is ruled by Neptune, “the qualities that Neptune controls, such as intuition and dreams, are very similar to yours.” “Neptune (one of the planets farthest from the Sun) takes many years to travel through one sign, so its influence has been felt in your life since 2012 and will continue to do so until 2025.”

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to crab, It will be the “year of exploration”. In 2022, you could experience the same (albeit less severe) benefits as Pisces through the influences of Jupiter and Neptune. “He will probably feel a lot more comfortable than he did last year,” which would tire him out quite a bit. “Together with the movements of these two great planets, you will also continue to feel the influence of Pluto in Capricorn, opposing your sign.”

Pluto is a small but powerful planet, moving in “eras” rather than in small explosions. “You’ve been in Capricorn since 2008, and you’ll be there until 2023, reminding you of the hard work you have to be more mindful of your spirituality.”

finally, Virgin He is also one of the lucky ones. 2022 will be one of your best years ever. It’s your “year of liberation.” Patterns of weakness, anger, old habits – are you ready to let go of all this? asks the astrologer.

2022 will give Virgo a chance to break a pattern associated with being a sign prone to fatigue and frustration: “Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces (opposing you) will retreat to calm this aspect of your personality.”

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And beware: “You’ll also continue to experience some Pluto intensity in Capricorn. What can you learn from this?” Besides this sign’s tendency to get overwhelmed, feeling shy and having a tendency to withdraw from them can be tempting. Brenna Lilly writes: “You don’t have to hunker down and fear the world – this year’s planetary alignment is perfect to help you choose a new life. Just do your magic when most planets aren’t waning.”

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