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The three types of yogurt are only good for your intestines

The three types of yogurt are only good for your intestines

nA trip to the supermarket, and it's normal to get lost with the amount of yoghurt available to buy. If you want to have a more balanced diet while protecting your gut, there are better options than others.

Vidae reveals the three types of yogurt that bring you only the benefits. They take care of the intestinal flora and protect the health of the digestive system. Get to know them.

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Greek yogurt

They state that the whey is filtered, giving it a thicker consistency. It helps you recover if your intestinal defenses are low. It contains between 8% and 16% of protein.

Natural yogurt

It is ideal for those who want to take care of their diet and reduce the number of calories they consume. It is always best to read the label to understand its composition.


It is a liquid and fermented dairy product. The most common milk to produce is cow's milk. It improves intestinal flora and contains high levels of vitamin B12, K2, calcium, magnesium and enzymes.

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