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The tightened IUC (no) helps to renew the car fleet

The tightened IUC (no) helps to renew the car fleet

Half of the 5.6 million cars in circulation are over 15 years old. In 2000, this percentage was only 6%. Even with the €25 limit, there are those who will pay more than double what they paid in stamps this year. Getting rid of an old car to adopt an environmentally friendly solution only costs 2,800 euros.

The increase in IUC for cars before 2007, expected by the government in the 2024 state budget (OE24), is accompanied by incentives for slaughter and “the increase is limited to 25 euros, next year”, as Fernando Medina confirmed this week. , highlighting the advantages of the measure that aims to help renew the country’s car fleet, for a better environment. The idea was poorly received by the entire opposition (and part of the Socialists) and received strong popular opposition, with nearly half a million supporters signing a petition to demand that the government reverse the measure, which has disproportionate impacts on families and is far-fetched. . . But so far, Costa and Medina refuse to go back, advocating the virtues of “creating the environmental component for IUC Class A and E vehicles, within the framework of green tax instruments,” as stated in OE24.

the facts
It was seven years ago that Antonio Costa’s government ended the incentive to scrap cars at the end of their lives. The program lost momentum because it was limited to those who chose an electric or hybrid car – a rule also created by Socrates’ socialist government in 2010. Since then, the average age of cars in circulation in Portugal has risen from 7 to 7 years. 13 years. Without aid, which was punished by the austerity witnessed during the Troika years and the resulting unemployment and loss of purchasing power, as well as inflation and the resulting rise in interest rates in the past two years, changing cars has become impossible for many families.

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“In 2022, IUC was paid for about 6 million passenger cars. Almost half of that universe was registered before July 1, 2007.” Indeed, more than 45% of the 5.6 million cars in circulation today are over 15 years old – a share that has not exceeded Two decades ago 6%. Vehicles less than 5 years old now represent only a third of the vehicles on the road at that time.

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