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The top 100 urban destinations for 2023 are now known, and Lisbon closes the list of top 20 destinations

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A study by Euromonitor International placed Paris at the top of the rankings and Lisbon as the 20th best urban destination in the world.

The Portuguese capital was ranked the twentieth best urban destination in 2023, according to a study conducted by Euromonitor International, putting Paris at the top of this list. classification.

the study Top 100 cities in the 2023 Destination Index It compares 55 metrics across six key criteria for 100 urban destinations, in order to determine a city’s attractiveness score, which is then translated into a score. These include (1) economic and business performance, (2) tourism performance, (3) tourism infrastructure, (4) tourism policy and attractiveness, (5) health and safety, and (6) sustainability.

Despite European dominance in the top ten, the destinations that appear next are mostly from Asia: Singapore appears in 11th place, as does Seoul, the capital of South Korea, in 14th place; Osaka, Japan, which ranked 16th; As well as Hong Kong in China, as the sixteenth destination of this trip classification.

Tokyo entered the top 10 list for the first time thanks to improvements in tourism infrastructure. Tourists have flocked to the city not only due to the easing of Covid-19 regulations, but also due to the continued weakness of the yen since 2022, which has boosted hotel occupancy, to enjoy consumer experiences at lower prices.

The Portuguese capital closes the list that makes up the top twenty, occupying the eighteenth and nineteenth places in this ranking, immediately after Vienna in Austria, and Los Angeles in the United States of America. classification. Overall, European destinations lead the index with 12 cities in the top 20 and 63 cities in the top 100, a trend that reflects the widespread adoption of technologies.

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This year’s study Top 100 cities in the 2023 Destination Index Four newcomers to the top 100 urban destinations list, Washington DC (48th), Montreal (68th), Santiago (88th) and Vilnius (92nd), advanced as a result of improved tourism performance. Developed markets, in turn, will remain in control in 2023.

2023 sees a strong rebound in international travel

The strong recovery trend in international travel continued in 2023, recording a 38% growth in terms of the number of trips “expected to reach 1.3 billion by the end of the year.” In this recovery, Chinese international travel has had a significant impact, after restrictions on movement were lifted in the wake of the epidemic.

Istanbul tops the list of international arrivals in 2023, with a growth of 26% year-on-year, followed by London in second place (plus 17%) and Dubai in third place (plus 18%). Hong Kong (2,495%) and Bangkok (142%) recorded the highest year-on-year growth in international arrivals, as they were among the last countries to reopen after the Covid-19 pandemic. Global tourism spending is also expected to reach around €1.6 trillion in 2023.

Sustainable tourism has gained increasing importance, as destinations adopt measures to improve their sustainability practices, for several reasons, including overtourism. For Nadezhda Popova, from Euromonitor, “Overtourism is one of the challenges cities face, affecting local communities and the environment as tourism recovers from the Covid-19 crisis.”

The same official adds: “Some destinations are imposing restrictions, heavy taxes, or reducing hotel capacity to help reduce tourist flow and preserve cultural heritage, while others are adopting dispersion strategies that encourage alternative or off-the-beaten-path destinations.” Before highlighting that Overtourism This constitutes a warning and also an additional reason “why it is important to implement sustainable practices to help drive more responsible tourism, rather than mass travel for the benefit of the environment, as well as local residents,” says Popova.

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Discover the top 20

  1. Paris France;
  2. Dubai United Arab Emirates;
  3. Madrid Spain;
  4. Tokyo, Japan;
  5. Amsterdam Netherlands;
  6. Berlin Germany;
  7. Rome, Italy;
  8. New York, USA;
  9. Barcelona, ​​Spain;
  10. London, United Kingdom;
  11. Singapore; 12.
  12. Munich Germany;
  13. Milan, Italy;
  14. Seoul, South Korea;
  15. Dublin, Ireland;
  16. Osaka, Japan;
  17. Hong Kong, China;
  18. Vienna, Austria;
  19. Los Angeles, USA;
  20. Lisbon, Portugal

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