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The tragic and depressing side of Maria Lisboa's life: "I tried to commit suicide" - Nacional

The tragic and depressing side of Maria Lisboa’s life: “I tried to commit suicide” – Nacional

Maria Lisbon She has been devastated by grief since she lost her son, Pedro Cardosoaged 30 in 2012. The 59-year-old singer admitted Thursday to Manuel Luis Gocha’s talk show that she had already thought about suicide and that she thought she would meet her son soon.

I have suffered a lot during these years. I had a toxic and abusive relationship after my son died. I think people have taken advantage of me a lot. You have no idea how much… I share a lot of my silence, the things that weighed me down, people trying to do everything… unscrupulous people,” he began by pointing.

“Everyone asks me where do I get this strength, I have very painful and horrible days, I tried to commit suicide, that’s right. I’m not ashamed to say it. I thought my life no longer made sense. I was without my son, packed the bag and went to ask for help in order to get in,” he said later.

My son was my son and Paula, the professional manager, and I lost them both at once. I take a lot of medicine, I take medicine for sleep, I take medicine for laughter.”I’ll be with my son very soon.”

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