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The turn-based game The Battle of Polytopia launches the expansion of diplomacy

The turn-based game The Battle of Polytopia launches the expansion of diplomacy

Introducing the gaming feel of diplomacy, stealth units and stealth attacks in the biggest update since launch

Independent Developer Midjiwan AB Announced that the popular 4X strategy game Battle of Polytopia I received a major update: Diplomacy – Brand new technology in the tech tree. Now available for free in the latest versions Polytopia at App StoreAnd google apps And steamThe technology includes a variety of unique features that add a whole new layer of complexity to the gameplay, such as peace treatiesAnd embassiesAnd Inter-tribal relations And much more.

Take a closer look at the new technology of Diplomacy at Battle of Polytopia In today’s trailer:

Diplomacy is the biggest Battle of Polytopia update since the game’s launch. It is the result of years of development, testing and hard work.‘, he explains Christian LovestedtDirector general Midjiwan AB. “The update takes our game to another level of complexity and fun. We want to see players’ reactions as they try out all the new features we’ve prepared for them.. “

In short, the new features of Diplomacy Allowing players to form alliances with fellow humans and AI, build embassies, find other players’ capitals, send spies, and launch sophisticated stealth attacks from what can seem like nowhere. Players must stay alert and learn how to master and fend off the new tools in their arsenal.

Technique Diplomacy It can be used in both single player and multiplayer mode. Basically, technology was created to make players team together to defeat larger enemies. But at the end of the day, there will only be one winner…

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Key Features of Diplomacy Technology:

  • peace treaties – Make friends with old enemies … so that none of you wants to. Team members cannot attack each other and share ways.
  • covered units – These stealth specialists are trained in the art of stunts and covert operations, and arrive armed with two new abilities: stealth and stealth. Covered units are invisible to enemy units until they take action.
  • Inter-tribal relations – With the system of inter-tribal relations, it is possible to think about which clan you can ally with. Colored bubbles provide detailed explanations of what the tribes think about you.
  • embassies Diplomatic buildings that can only be built in the capitals of other tribes when players are not at war with them. Embassies reveal the 8 surrounding blocks and get cash rewards at every turn.
  • daggers – Incitement of rebels by undercover units to attack a hostile city. Daggers are surprise attack guerrilla units, which means that enemies will not retaliate when attacked.
  • A view of the capitals – See the location of the capital of any tribe you encountered. Viewing capitals also works when players meet someone new, which helps when making tactical decisions.

Battle of Polytopia Available for PC (via steam) and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

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