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The two dogs and the pony were also in another farewell to Elizabeth II

The two dogs and the pony were also in another farewell to Elizabeth II

A corgi and one of Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite ponies were present in Windsor, for the King’s final farewell, along with the royal family and representatives from nearly every country in the world.

Muick and Sandy, two Welsh dogs associated with a portrait of Elizabeth II, waited for the funeral procession accompanied by two guards to arrive on the steps of Windsor Castle, where the Queen was buried on Monday, after intense festivities.

The two dogs were adopted by Andre, the youngest son of the queen who died on September 8, who introduced the animals to his mother a few months later, and who was often referred to as the “favorite son” of Elizabeth II, but fell from grace after accusations of sexual abuse of a minor.

According to a ranger, Muick and Sandy, the last proud representatives of the Queen’s more than 30 Corgi dogs in her lifetime, have provided her with plenty of relief during the pandemic.

Emma, ​​one of the Queen’s ponies, who accompanied the King for 26 years, was on the driveway through the royal estate to Windsor Castle where she made her way.

Elizabeth II never concealed her passion for horses, and even after reaching the age of ninety, she often rode a scarf that raised her white hair.

His love for dogs and horses was well known to the British. Among the flowers presented in honor of the Queen, many drawings of animals, as well as stately dogs and horses, can be seen.

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