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The two stars are close to leaving Chelsea.  A club football in trouble

The two stars are close to leaving Chelsea. A club football in trouble

The last few weeks have been very tough for Chelsea. The club was in serious trouble due to sanctions imposed on its owner Roman Abramovich. In addition, more sponsors will withdraw from funding the team, which will force the English club to sell several players.

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Chelsea without Romelu Lukaku? Club on the wall

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that two of the team’s attackers have left. Lukaku in Rome first. He joined the Belgium squad last August, leaving Inter Milan in excellent form. In 95 games for the Italian club, Lukaku scored 64 goals and 14 assists. Chelsea hoped the footballer would repeat these feats with their teams. However, from the start, Lukaku was not comfortable with the London team and noted a significant decline in form. In 35 games this season, the 28-year-old has scored 12 goals and made two assists.

The Belgian coach pressed for the transfer of Lukaku. “Summer is a great time”

In addition, the Belgian, frustrated by the lack of power at Stamford Bridge, told Inter Milan that he wanted to return to the club. The 28-year-old is set to significantly reduce his salary (from 12 12 million to .5 7.5 million a year) to leave London. Although it seemed until recently that the Italian club could not buy a Belgian, the situation had changed. According to the portal “”, one of the main sponsors of Inter Milan has confirmed that they will do everything possible to bring Lukaku to Italy, not just on credit.

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Will Chelsea say goodbye to Timo Werner? The 26-year-old is interested in playing Serie A.

Timo Werner is the second player to leave Chelsea. The English club brought Germany to RB Leipzig in July 2020 for மில்லியன் 53 million. The 26-year-old, like Lukaku, has excelled on the previous team, scoring 95 goals and 40 assists in 159 games. At Chelsea, however, Werner certainly landed on the form. In the two seasons he played for the English club, the 26-year-old played in 81 games in which he scored just 19 goals and the same number of assists.

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According to The Express, Werner is likely to leave London this summer, despite a contract valid until June 2025. German agents have sent a chance to two Italian teams, AC Milan and Juventus. Moving to the first place seems very possible. At Juventus, it will be difficult for Werner to find a place in the starting line-up as Dusan Vilahovic performs well in the middle of the attack.