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The UK is experiencing a significant increase in infections

The UK is experiencing a significant increase in infections

On Monday, the United Kingdom recorded 49,156 new recorded cases. This is the UK’s highest infection rate since mid-July, according to Watchman.

Monday’s infection rate was just 19,000 less than the highest reported infection rate in the UK throughout the pandemic. The infection record was set on January 8 this year, when as many as 68,053 people were registered in one day.

The prime minister believes that will come as expected, but many experts are concerned about what time is ahead.

Britain has one of the highest coronation-related death rates in the world, with more than 138,629 people losing their lives so far during the pandemic.

A report last week stated that the government’s handling of the epidemic To put it mildly, it could have been better. According to the report, believing in herd immunity and groping at first was one of the most serious mistakes that were made.

tough months

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official spokesman, Max Blaine, says the high number of infections was now expected with winter approaching.

We knew the coming months were going to be tough. What we’re seeing now, Blaine says, is that the number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths is still the same as we calculated a few months ago.

He also says a vaccination program will be their top priority in the future, along with “new treatment, testing and public information.”

Vaccination: Two-thirds of the UK adult population is fully vaccinated, yet they are on track to have a dismal infection history. Photo: Paul Ellis/AFP

“But it is clear that we will be following the cases closely,” Blaine said.

Since schools opened their doors after the summer, infection rates have gradually risen, and the number of infected children has increased even with a decline among adults, according to the news agency. Reuters.

More than two-thirds of the growing population are fully vaccinated, which has so far resulted in low mortality and hospitalization rates despite high infection rates.

Concerned about the trend of infection

With nearly 50,000 cases a day, the country has only had 16 worse days during the pandemic, according to sports biologist Kate Yates at the University of Bath and a member of the independent corona research group Sage.

– The narrative says that the number of casualties is not important, but it still is. Yates says they don’t mean the same thing as they did before the vaccination, but the link between cases and deaths hasn’t been broken, and he continues:

We see an average of over 120 deaths daily, which I think is unacceptable. A quick look at the numbers from our neighbors in Europe confirms that it does not have to be this way.

– Can face challenges

Professor Andrew Hayward, the government’s adviser on the coronavirus pandemic, said in an interview with the BBC that he was concerned about the high numbers of infections, hospitalizations and deaths in the UK. Hayward believes that the decline in immunity in people is one reason for the high rates of infection.

– We do not ignore the fact that national health authorities can quickly meet the challenges, and that we may risk many new deaths that could have been avoided, says the professor.

Heyward is clear that the number of vaccinators must increase, and that the UK must be prepared to introduce new measures if infection rates get out of control.

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