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The UK wants to bet on science to determine the age of migrants

The UK wants to bet on science to determine the age of migrants

The UK has announced new measures to tackle the age fraud practiced by some asylum seekers presenting themselves as minors.

According to the UK government, between January and September 2021, around two-thirds of asylum seekers who claimed to be underage lied about their age. Thus, of the approximately 1,700 cases, more than 1,100 were considered adults when they claimed to be under 18.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “The practice of adult men impersonating child asylum-seekers is an intolerable violation of our system and we will put an end to it.”

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Priti Pratel also believes that “by impersonating children, these adult men are accessing children’s services and schools through deception and fraud, putting children and young people at risk in terms of education and ‘help’”.

In particular, the minister wants to rely on science to assess the age of asylum seekers. Thus, she confirmed the details she revealed daily Mail, a conservative British tabloid.

The newspaper explained that the methods used could include “examinations of X-rays and other forms of radiology, as well as CT scans and magnetic resonance imaging.”

According to the news agency Reuters, a committee should be established to decide on the reliability of the different methods being considered. Medical and ethical issues must also be considered.

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X-rays may soon be crucial to asylum claims in the UK | Photo: picture-alliance / N. Lange

Last year, the British Dental Association ruled that it would be “indecent and unethical” to use x-rays on patients without any medical purpose.

Thus, it is up to the new committee to resolve the question of which methods can be adopted.

On the other hand, the bill has already been inserted into asylum seekers with their consent before undergoing medical examinations. It will not be an obligation. However, refusing these tests can “damage the person’s credibility.”

Miners Benefits

Current UK law states that asylum seekers who appear to be under the age of 25 will be treated as minors, even before their actual ages are established.

Being a minor offers you a number of advantages. For anti-immigration, immigrants will be aware of these advantages and will deliberately seek to take advantage of them. The Minister of Interior also insists on the financial burden of fraud on taxpayers.

“I want to change British laws … to end this abuse and assure the British people that we will end the abuse of our laws and the abuse of British taxpayers,” said Priti Pratel.

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to believe daily MailIt costs each UK minor immigrant around £46,000 a year, or about €55,000. For comparison, the average salary in the UK is £26,000 per year.

Underage immigrants – and those who claim to do so – have better housing options and can be accommodated in host families. They can also go to school and generally perform better during asylum interviews.

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Many unaccompanied minors do not have documents to prove their age | Photo: picture-alliance / dpa / U. deck

The United Kingdom’s alliance with the European Union

This law would allow the country, which left the European Union nearly two years ago, to join other European countries.

In Germany, unlike X-rays that were supposed to examine the structure of the bones of the hand, the previous government invested, for example, a million euros in ultrasound research to determine the age of asylum seekers. However, there are no standard practices or one method. Nor does the law require all asylum seekers to undergo an age test.

The German Medical Association has spoken out against the idea of ​​introducing mandatory age tests, saying they are morally unacceptable and scientifically inaccurate.

Finally, in Belgium, all asylum seekers whose ages cannot be medically documented are assessed with x-rays of the teeth, hands and collarbone. according to daily MailFinland, Norway, Greece and France use similar methods.

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