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The Ukrainian general was fired that day

The Ukrainian general was fired that day

Kiev/Oslo (Aftenposten): Russia has invaded a new area of ​​129 square kilometers on the outskirts of Ukraine's second-largest city. Map data from the front shows what Putin wants to achieve.

The short version

There are many indications that the goal of the Russian border offensive in Kharkiv is to create a kind of “buffer zone.” Vladimir Putin previously ordered his generals to do this in a letter that was made public.

The latest mapping data from the front suggests the same thing.

The Russians would not have bombed the bridges in the area if the goal was to continue the attack near Kharkiv. This is what many analysts have pointed out, including the American research center ISW.

The first days of fighting revealed such significant shortcomings that the commander of the Ukrainian forces in Kharkiv was shot on the spot.

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