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The (uncomfortable) truth that astrologers don't want you to know

The (uncomfortable) truth that astrologers don’t want you to know

NSWe were brought up to believe that our destiny is dictated by the alignment of the horoscopes on our birthday and an astrological sign is assigned to us. But it’s about saying: after all, there was another case.

BBC Brazil writes that over time, there has been a change in the way we see the Sun aligning itself with the different constellations of the constellations, due to the natural wobble of the Earth’s axis. And that’s not all: astronomers guarantee the presence of the 13th constellation in the zodiac (the band of the sky through which the planets, the Moon and the Sun pass): Ophiuchus (also known as Serpentarium).

Known for thousands of years, since 1925 the International Astronomical Union established the number of 88 constellations in the sky, occupying 88 regions, Ophiuchus was left outside the zodiac and his latest possible entry shook the astronomical community. This is because, in practice, someone who thinks they are Sagittarius might discover that they are, after all, Ophiuchus.

So why do we only count 12 marks? Because science loves round numbers. Yes, you read it well. It is believed that 12 constellations are chosen because there are 12 months.

See below, the constellation that was behind the sun on the day it was born.

  • January 21 and February 16: Capricorn.
  • February 17 and March 12: Aquarium;
  • March 13 and April 18: Pisces.
  • April 19 and May 14: Aries.
  • May 15 and June 21: Taurus.
  • June 22 and July 20: Gemini.
  • July 21 and August 10: Crabs.
  • August 11 and September 16: Leo.
  • September 17 and October 31: Virgo;
  • November 1 and November 23: Libra.
  • November 24 and 29: Scorpio.
  • November 30 and December 18: Ophiuchus.
  • December 19 and January 20: Sagittarius.
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